GIVE MOM a FACIAL AT HOME ... if she won't go to one!


Happy Mother’s Day to... the moms who make it TOUGH TO SPOIL THEM! 

My mom is one of those mothers who take care of everyone else and never herself… SO…..

This week has been mom’s week set aside for fulfilling her cravings for all kinds of snacks, sweets, treats, and down home Korean food, I came over under the guise of doing my laundry and made her lay down in a heated bed with an additional heater in the room and used these pictured items for the best at-home facial and hand massage I could muster.

great products to have at home

great products to have at home

Almost 90 minutes later.. my mom awoke a bit disoriented from a mid-afternoon  nap (sleep she never gets enough of!) and remarks, ” oh, maybe this is why other women like to go to a spa!”  This meant she enjoyed it and felt the refreshment I was so happy to give her a glimpse of.

This is how it went…

1- massaged her facial, using acupressure to her orbital eye area, temples, TMJ, and cheekbones with a nice, firm, flow, of course! with the pink bottle oil cleanser

2- moved onto an apricot scrub and mud mask

3- proceeded to all 3 steps of the Ole Henriksen micro peel at home system which I incorporated the Olay rotating scrub brush for the first step.  Something about this made her deepen her nap

4- after cleansing each time and most thoroughly with warm water and sponges, she got a great hand massage and multi-layered facial moisturizers.

The result?  My dad and brother said she looked brightened with fine lines diminished…

Then we all went out for some hearty Korean soon-tofu soup and called it a successful family night.  Mom was happy and so were the rest of us!


And here’s an easy healthful side dish recipe if you want one…. I  made this because my mom need support for her blood pressure and blood vessels and strawberries and beets have excellent impact on the blood and vascular systems.

Marinate fresh berries in an aged balsamic vinegar…so aged that it has a thickened consistency with a taste of chocolate…

Toss with roasted red and golden beets, adding olive oil and salt

Place atop burrata cheese if you want decadence or just put as part of the salad portion of the full meal.

Add nuts and herbs like parsley or basil as your aesthetic needs move you…

LOVE ON YOUR MOM.. and yourself this weekend and everyday!

THANK YOU FOR MOMS… I LOVE MY MOM SO MUCH!!! She’s super shy, so no before and after facial photos, sorry!!!



10 years!!!

Asian American Milestones

Am I optimistic about the future for realistic portrayals of non-white America in Film and TV? Well, mostly… and I was more encouraged when I attended this event on May 6th, 2015. UCLA celebrated the 10 year anniversary of when Asian American Studies became an official department.  So many of media’s up and comers and better-knowns among Asian American talent, both on-screen and behind the camera found their direction in the early years of UCLA’s Asian American classes when it was just called a speciality.  Justin Lin (film director), Randall Park (actor of Fresh Off the Boat) , Michael Golamco (writer), Grace Borrero Moss at NBC Diversity Casting… just to name a few and there are so many others (including myself, although I started my acting career much, much later than those mentioned above.)

10 years!!!

10 years!!!

So, while we have seen a drop in the number of Asian faces on screen in the 2014-15 television season, we can be hopeful as many shows championing diverse casting have been renewed.   Read this blog for more:

One statistic that remains with me post-event is how Asian Americans watch so little live television  (no surprise there for me! LOL.) Grace Moss of NBC mentioned that in one month As/Ams watch about 82 hours, whereas Black Americans watch about 201 hours.  That’s a staggering difference! … and so As/Ams cannot moan about why we aren’t on television more when we don’t support the faces on the tube.  

Let’s find ways to advocate for more diverse casts that are truthful and relevant to our social and cultural realities…watch more TV, perhaps, is the simple way… one bottleneck in this effort toward a flow of a wide spectrum of cultures (and colors) represented on screen may be found in the writer’s room, as well as among the sea of showrunners, sorely lacking showrunners of mixed cultural backgrounds.create more content with a more color-ful reflection of our times and put our pocket books behind them. I do understand the frugal mentality of many Asian cultures, however, so it’s a worthwhile battle to get this affluent segment of American society to open their billfolds and take a gamble on a very viable and emerging “face” of Hollywood.  It’s a calculated risk…yes, the audience is out there and so is the talent, both burgeoning and in need of a broader expanse upon which to play and take flight.  How? I would love to hear your suggestions!

This article sheds more light: 

Thank you to my brother in the arts Lawrence Chau for sharing this last article with me.

Let’s forge onward! Making and embracing opportunities together and for one another… I look forward to continuing to contribute to honest textures in media, but understand that it is still an uphill battle to change much of established “Hollywood” practices.  Perhaps this is too “asian” of me.. but I accept that means much more is required of me as an actor and a business professional to make it safe and alluring enough to make changes in favor of a still “token” face like mine.

GO BRUINS for the seminal work started so long ago just beginning to prove noticeably fruitful.

Grace Borrero Moss speaks at event

Grace Borrero Moss speaks at event



So, about once a year.. when my husband has his annual rum and cigar birthdate outing with pals, I get inspired to concoct a one-bite dessert pairing that represents us as a couple… (i.e. what would we be if we were a pair of desserts?)  I know.  I’m weird.  Nevertheless, I am happy with the outcome. Call me super strange, but having both one-bites’ flavors mix on my palate really hit me with a deep, sensory and arguably spiritual revelation! 

Introducing a Magical Pair:  


Peanut-y Rum Cup with Raspberry Crunch on top and

a Raw “Caramel” Almond, Date, and Fig Cup Crowned with Coconut.

Through this pairing, I have tasted what it is like to appreciate individual merits, but have a melding union be even more deliciously delightful than just one offering alone!  And is that not the mysterious, glorious one-ness a marriage is idealized to be?  Ah, the beauty of food and the enlightenment possible therein…  Try this. Seriously.  

A brief explanation: Jon enjoys rum, peanut butter, and raspberries…and I like everything in both items but prefer a healthier version of all treats. ta-DA!

HOW TO: the peanut-y cup was easy… wpid-20150427_184250.jpg

Just double boil semi-sweet chocolate along with a bit of coconut oil and rum extract (or the real thing), layer the ooey gooey smooth melted chocolate on the bottom of your mini paper cup liners, follow with a dollop of peanut better, and add more rum infused chocolate on top.  Sprinkle with Himalayan salt and add a piece of freeze dried raspberry before putting in fridge to set for 10 minutes.  Easy and delish!  There is refined sugar in the store bought chocolate chips, which is the downer… which brings up the dessert version of “me” for Jon’s birthdate party favors.  A bit more complex, but less guilt later when you eat them…! LOL


Crust: 1 cup soaked and dehydrated almonds, 1/2 cup shredded coconut, 1/2 black mission figs, 3/4 cup medjool dates

“Caramel” middle : Halawi dates soaked in just enough water to soften, vanilla bean extract, cinnamon dash and sea salt.

Carob topping: melted Tablespoon of coconut oil, another couple Tablespoons of coconut manna, 1/4 cup of raw carob powder, 1 Tablespoon of yacon powder (or syrup would be better). mesquite is also a great option.


Food process almonds until broken into large crumbles, not into a paste, add the dates and figs… and coconut shreds until it sticks together to mold into the bottom or your cup liners and muffin molds.  Your thumbs will be great to hollow out the middle in which you will put a dollop of the date paste “caramel” mixture.

wpid-20150427_211220.jpgTo make the “caramel,” just food process all the listed ingredients until smooth.  Put this smooth paste in the cup.  Finally, melt the coconut oil and manna in a double boiler and whisk in carob powder and yacon–use maple syrup if you want a bit more sweet.  Drizzle over “caramel” dollop and smooth in down to be in line with the top of the crust.  Finally, cover the liquidy parts of the toppings with enough coconut shreds to cover.  Chill to set in fridge.  Enjoy!!!! …more work, but definitely less guilt involved since there’s nothing refined in the way of sweeteners in this option!

One more major bonus for the raw cup dessert… my doggie Rocky the Rescue can have a smidge, too!!! wahoo… and he enjoyed a few bits of a one-bite. :)  Truly guilt-free me!


So, this was a foodie’s way of helping you get to know me and my hubby as a pair… You can choose one or the other, but the magic of this pairing is that having both together makes the flavors even better!!! Truly!!!  I am super blessed at how this worked out!!!



On this EARTH DAY, I figured why not indulge in what I LOVE as I skip all things animal based?


Plus, my parents were coming over, so that motivated me to whip up something that will treat them!  Here’s a simple go-to dessert that will prove to be a reliable decadent delight for the most picky of palates.


3 small-medium ripened to perfection avocados

3/4 cup soaked dates (with just enough liquid to cover (not too much)

4/5 Tablespoons of raw cacao powder (use carob as an alternative)

Dashes of Himalayan sea salt and ceylon cinnamon (add cayenne if you want another layer of flavor to savor)

1 Tablespoon of mesquite powder (optional.. you can add a handful more of dates instead, but I like the mineral content)


Food process until it’s thick and smooth…put in fridge and top with chia berry pudding, cacao nibs, and fruit as pictured when serving.

For chia topping, just soak white chia seeds in fruit juice of diluted fruit only preserves… perfect presentation!


my daddy inhaled the raw pudding after this work... and was shocked at how healthy the ingredients made it!  He happily took another serving home :)

my daddy inhaled the raw pudding after this work… and was shocked at how healthy the ingredients made it! He happily took another serving home :)


A DOMESTICATED DIVA! …and blissed to be :)

:) …there’s gold at the end of this blog...

lightest and crispiest kale chips ever!

lightest and crispiest kale chips ever!

Just bragging a little bit before the final hoorah… I got ambitious due to a bunch of kale a galpal gifted me from the farmers market yesterday, so I decided I would bust out my dehydrator and challenge myself to make the lightest, crispiest (versus crunchiest) kale chips ever… and I DID!!!  Have you seen anything so golden brown and friend looking that actually wasn’t?  Me, neither!!! muahahhahaa!!! wpid-20150411_143051.jpgIt was an experiment that consisted of 2:1 (soaked buckwheat groats to sprouted pumpkin seeds) and lots of nutritional yeast, Himalayan pink salt, turmeric, ginger,  cayenne and other red peppers, dashes of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and food processed together into a goopy paste. Then, I massaged it into all the flourishes of kale leaf crevices and then plastered it on extra thick on some for that potential extra mouthful of substance once dried… and it worked…. I am super satisfied… and with the extra goodies, it was quite filling! wpid-20150411_141000.jpg Then… I made a cauliflower, celery, and asparagus soup to simply swoon for as I was cleaning out my fridge and found I had chicken stock at the ready in my pantry.  A simple sautee, a rolling boil, and immersion blender magic along with organic adobo and mixed peppercorn gratings for seasoning and …..a super healthy soup now graces my fridge’s belly and mine. Wahoo!! I am on a roll!!! Since I was such a great domesticated dame, I decided I need to allow me-self some deserved delights…  and I happened to have some new treats that beckoned to me … For this, I give credit to a bestie for forcing me to accept a gift of delish chocolates and she hoisted upon me!!! LOL … she refused my refusal and got me all 3 flavors available at my new fav restaurant THE SPRINGS in downtown Los Angeles.  The chocolate is an offering by a wonderfully eco-consious obsessive chocolate-lover… let’s unite and support this company: BTW I definitely feel the sticker price is worth all that has gone into its making and the rich flavor (with out refined sugars) it offers. wpid-20150411_184721.jpg wpid-20150411_184728.jpg


I should be enjoy being the queen of my home more often … yay for Domesticated Diva-dom!!!

Let’s look “appreciate” that chocolate once, again, shall we?


And to think this it all started with a unpretentious bundle of organic kale that came with tiny snails in tow (they are now happy and free in a garden)!




Celebrating our faith as a family today with a sumptuous buffet of all kinds of food.  


I rejoice in that I am not even “craving” the dessert offerings or the non-organic animal protein readily available,… so more focused on the richness of time shared this Resurrection Easter Sunday with my dearest parents, brother and husband.  I am so blessed.

See my 5 other “unprocessed food fast” blog posts for a more detailed account of this journey to the naturally sweeter life!

Bless you ;)



MY UNPROCESSED FOOD FAST concludes, but the freeing lifestyles choices shall continue!

Here are some highlights!

Just sharing that I just made several batches of the best at home, raw, soaked, and dehydrated high-protein and healthy fat granola ever!!!  My previous post has the directions, so I will just list the ingredients in the various kinds I concocted and am sharing and enjoying immensely!!!

4 versions of RAW Granola...ROCKED IT!

4 versions of RAW Granola…ROCKED IT!



cannot go wrong with this one!

cannot go wrong with this one!


1 cup buckwheat groats soaked
1/2 cup raisins and handful of dates soaked (I have used Khadrawy dates from Bautista farms)
handful of walnuts soaked
1/2 cup of dried figs (variety of , but I love black mission)
1/4 sprouted, dehydrated pumpkin seeds
1/4 shredded and/or chips of raw coconut meat
1/8 cup of golden flax seeds
lots and lots of dashes of cinnamon (“sweetening” agent that regulates blood sugar)wpid-20150330_142445.jpg
couple dashes of Himalayan salt & dollop of vanilla bean paste
1/2 cup of sprouted, dehydrated almonds and 1 heaping tablespoons of raw, sprouted almond butter.

LOVE THIS ONE!! so complex and subtle flavors

LOVE THIS ONE!! so complex and subtle flavors

wpid-20150330_142508.jpgDIVINE DELICIOUSNESS VERSION-above, but don’t add almonds, I used this product I chanced upon with mulberries, macadamia. cashews and other great gems… and I added another tablespoon of raw cacao nibs, hemp seeds and nutty, trace mineral rich powder called mesquite.  Try it!  It complements the cacao blissfully!  haha.. get it?  Bliss Mix…


PEANUTTY VERSIONS -put in 1/4 cup of peanut butter, peanuts (instead of almonds and walnuts), ..and bit more salt to give a more satisfying taste and mouth feel for his heartier palate.) and then

MACA BERRY POPwpid-20150402_112552.jpg -do the peanutty version and then add maca powder while mixing ingredients and place freeze dried raspberries onto the batter after spreading the mixture onto your teflex sheets.

NANA LOVES CACAO -back to the peanutty version, but instead of using dates, mix in mashed banana to sweeten.  I would recommend at least one large, ripe banana so the flavor is present and not too subtle… Cacao nibs are great in this as well as the mesquite powder.  I laid this down thick to make it in a brick-like granola for specific use in a yogurt.



Then I got into chia puddings… and am kinda hooked! The two you here are my carob-date-naner and berry loving parfaits


wpid-20150328_211029.jpgChia seeds, preferably white, soaked in coconut cream with added cinnamon layered between sliced berries or between dates, nuts, and more banana… I also let the chia soak in carob powder as well as dates for the decadent “chocolate-y” version. Feel free to use real cacao powder and nibs for extra pow!  Having the pudding around also makes a great thickening agent for your superfood smoothies!

Lastly, I love sprouted and dehydrated nuts.  Nut butters from sprouted, then dehydrated nuts truly make my tummy and taste buds grin…  My two fav almond butters for you to check out :)


On a health food nerd note:  please visit this site for great information mesquite powder!  It’s a great asset and delightful addition to my pantry…