DAY 1 of Juice Fast

Day 1 =Line of up juices:

a-      Warm lemon water at home

b-      Carrot, lemon juice

c-      Apple, mint, lemon juice

d-     Apple, cucumber, carrot, kale, cilantro, lemon

e-      Red beet, carrot, apple, cucumber, cilantro, lemon

f-       Cucumber, kale, parsley

g-      Ginger, lemon, chlorella, cayenne shot

h-      Ginger, lemon, zeolite shot


Morning: had my lemon water, picked up my Open Source Organic Juices listed above…had two before 12 noon.  Being the kitchen gave me the urge to munch, but when I thought about it, I realized I was not hungry at all, so a bad habit was trying to inch in. SO, to got more excited about this fast.  This Juice cleansing fast will be the best thing I have done for myself in pursuit of God and His best for me… it’s a journey toward richer spiritual discernment and earnest evaluation of mind, body, and soul.

Kept busy with my usual work as well as trying to figure out how to blog better…   I guess I will figure that out as I go on the journey!  I am grateful that I have an at-home day and not an audition-filled day as this is the first day to settle in and get going!  I have a feeling that most of this month may be quieter than usual as I dig deeper to build foundations upon which greater things will build!  Still, I will presume nothing as I am practicing to live fully embracing the unknown.

Afternoon: …was interesting.  By about 2pm, I realized I just wandered into the kitchen to just “look around” even when I was not hungry.  One of my weird habits is to open food storage areas and peer in and ponder over the consumables inside—the pantry, freezer, fridge…anywhere.  Since I had no reason to ponder over anything since all my juices for today were already made, I found myself feeling rather silly.  Really silly!

I plopped back on the computer to do more work, listened to a great teaching ancient Biblical practices, and then started working on a film script.  I was excited to have more time to do so primarily because I did not get caught up with food—prepping, eating, cleaning, planning the next meals and desserts to make and package to give to others… Food is a hobby—a serious one for me—probably too serious, actually! LOL!

My Maca, Chia, and Spirulina arrived today, so I am now really ready for the longhaul. Wahoo!

I realized I built into my guideline an afternoon boost and tea break, but I continue not to be hungry on all these juices.  …this is just day 1, however…

Night: Washing, prepping all the produce to start juicing them for tomorrow’s portions took me an hour.  I need to speed that up, but meticulous cleaning is important.  I am sure I’ll get speedier with the practice coming up.  I reward myself for the work with juice #5 and have another waiting with two mini shots, too.   I wish I could just buy all my juices!  Prudence and budget-mindedness precludes that luxury.. *sigh.

INTERESTING REALIZATION… as I picked through leafy greens to discard wilted, mushy ones, I found myself wanting to put various leaves and other produce in my mouth and just eat them—even the wilty ones… now I feel extra silly and weird!  Then it hits me…  My  original intent to just do a 3-day juice fast became an inspired lengthier 30-day journey because I need that long to break that stuff-my-mouth-reflex.  21 days or so how long it takes (so I hear) to create new, comfortable pathways of behavior in my brain, so by the time March 31st comes, I might find myself to be less of a mindless muncher!  Now THAT would be a miracle!


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