DAY 2 of my fast


a-lemon water with cayenne dash

b- orange juice, spinach, ginger, and lime

c- Yogi brand “healthy fasting” tea

d- apples, kale, celery, ginger

e- store bought juice from Nektar called Mojo—with coconut water and live algae

e- red and candy stripe beets, celery, ginger, apples

f- tablespoon of maca in sunflower milk

g- swiss chard, carrots, lemon, spinach, cucumber

h-gaia melon juice

I woke up today with a dull headache…was it the unfamiliar pillow or am I detoxing from all the desserts I inhaled for the last few weeks?  I really loved my morning green O.J.  I made it with my Cuisinart centrifugal juicer and I loved the convenience and speed as I expected, but the pulp was so moist, I felt there was so much waste…  So, I put the pulp into the Solostar double auger, but then all that came out was foam. *sigh.  Oh–only if I had the twin stainless steel gears of the GreenStar 5200.  Okay—sorry, I digress… another time.

My outing of the day was for an infrared wrap… I got to doze off during the 40 minute toasty session at the Art of You Holistic Center in Silverlake.  It was kinda odd—a wrap around my middle and around my thighs and that was all I needed to warm me up a just barely glisten from the hint of sweat on my brow.  Guess what?!  My dull headache disappeared!  I guess 5 hours of sleep is not enough rest… haha… Love micronaps. 

I even got my husband to do a live juice with me.  He had an almond protein one from Nektar…tasted like a  light vanilla cream drink.  Mmm…  It had stevia which I am staying away from just to train my tastebuds not to want sweets during this fast, so just had a sip and no more … little victory in the restraint!  Yeay!

My body does know what it’s doing!  My beet juice blend is so potent, I literally felt my body resisting me from drinking the full 16 oz. Instead, I sipped and had about 6 oz, over the course of thirty minutes.  It is a very potent and detoxifying drink, so I figure it was enough for me today…I am downing my last green juice of the day now, which my husby says looks like mud or swamp water, but I am so excited about my dessert coming up… fresh gaia melon juice which I will have instead of the usually popcorn and snacks with my husby over an at-home movie.  (I’m pretty sure I will like my special melon treat much much better than the usual fare!)


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