DAY 3 – totally juiced!

a-lemon water with cayenne dash

b- orange juice, spinach, ginger, and lime with 2 tablespoons of chia seeds

c- ½ cup of leftover beet juice from yesterday which made me need seltzer water!

d- apples, kale, celery, ginger

e- strawberry lemon with spirulina scoop

f- swiss chard, carrots, lemon, spinach, cucumber

h-gaia melon juice

 wow … lots of interesting surprises today!

I was not as hungry as I expected to be this morning… especially because I did not have the melon juice I was planning on for dinner b/c when I had my verrry green dinner drink, I was sooo full. Not stuffed.  Really satisfied.  …so much so, in fact, that I could not bear to take in any thing more.  The oddity in this is that when I typically eat, I could eat endlessly, no matter how full I got… a whole pizza–not a problem; an entire sheet of lemon bars—easy!  I really feel that because I was so nutritionally sated, my body was in charge and grounded enough to be totally disinterested in having anything else because it was not in need of anything more.  This is a fantastic contrast and remarkable irony to me.  By this mini-experiential realization, I believe taking care of my body will allow it to take care of me and that my test to see how what has been called our body’s self-healing mechanism would kick in for me.  I am encouraged…quite so!

My husby and I went to church and had communion. I had lots of sweet moments of deepening and surrender before my Father in Heaven in service and prior to, but what shocked me was how surprised I was at the crunch-sensation of the communion cracker… in only 3 days, eating has become strangely surreal!

I had my beet juice concoction left from yesterday after service and all the things folks have warned me about beet juice (That I have never experienced in the past) hit me.  Yes, beets are intense detoxifiers as well as a potent blood and liver cleanser and yes, I did not believe that they could make me feel to woozy due to these powers until today!  I was so dizzy within minutes of gulping the 8 oz.. Then I wanted to vomit.  It was not until I sipped on some seltzer water and let out a few burpies that I felt much better and did not succumb to the woozies and thought that if I just eat something more, I would be okay.  Nope!  (I will not put as much beet in the next batch.)

My last couple of pleasant surprises of the day was in the kitchen with my husby.  You see, he makes the world’s best, creamiest (sans tomato, thank you) guacamole.  It is honestly irresistible.  Well, when he made a batch to go with his meat and nacho plate,  I did not take a taste—just  a casual glance without a compulsion to shovel it by the spoonfuls in my mouth.  OH!  And while I was making him fresh (warm) peanut butter in my Vitamix, I took out the plunger covered in the crunchy nut butter like a lollipop and I just stopped and stared at it and then did nothing!  Strange… it was almost as if the peanut butter covered plunger hit a forcefield.  My husby saw this and chuckled as he took the “lollipop” our of my hand and licked it all off  himself. My hero! I think it’s the grace and strength of God helping me along as I wrap up day 3 of this juice fast.

Today started out with a core issue—that there is a great chasm between what I hope to and what I actually believe.  Part of my motivation in doing this micronutrient-focused cleanse is to use my own body as a test subject.  As a health “minister” with, I believe and have learned that God created our miraculous bodies to heal itself given the correct fuel and environment to nurture and sustain life.  Based on those principles and knowledge gleaned from nutritionists and naturopaths during the last 4 years of my wellness quest, it was time I gave it a full test run on my own life and body.  So, here I am.  Overcoming the fear that what I hope to believe is wrong and falling forward by choosing to reorient my heart with the one my Abba Father above has for me—accept that He is MY Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh, and Jehovah Nissi who is more than able and wants to see me, his beloved, prosper and be in health above all else.  Arguably, there are a lot of good (fear-driven) reasons why I should not take hold of this faith due to the last many years of harrowing trials, but not to go-for-it with a passionate vigor and faith would only mean I am ready to settle for less.  That, I am not and will never be.

So I start and end my day with this verse and exhortation: Mark 9:23-24 23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. 24 And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.

I will have that melon juice planned for last night, tonight. I deserve a nice yummy treat and I feel my body has room for it—or will, in a couple hours anyway

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