Day 4

So… the menu today is from Nekter. Check out the page of juiceries I’ve listed and see what they offer. 🙂

I just added chia seeds to the morning, maca powder to a nondairy milk midday, and flax seeds for the final juice with non-caffeinated herbal tea in between.

I had originally ordered a week of juices b/c I was supposed to be on the road and working a bunch, but that job got scrubbed–bummer.  I did take a little gig today which tested me in a big way since craft services on set has always been a huge pitfall and temptation I readily succumb to.  I try everything they offer just for the fun of it–and then again and again, just because it’s all there… bad  bad bad… and then I feel blech because of it.  You would think I know better, right?  If only I could be my best self always…

Well, today was that day!  I had my juices and even sat with other actors for lunch and did not feel one ounce of desire for their foods and desserts… I was quite pleased.

I will say, however, that store-bought, no matter how fresh does not have the same potency of ingredients that I put into my home-done concoctions…. I can taste and feel the difference… that is one cost of convenience. hmmm…  But, the weekend’s session of taking 4+hours to slowpress juice for two days really got to my head– it’s rather daunting to say the least!  I will invariably use the fast centrifugal one I have more as I juice more on my own when my purchased regimens run out–*sigh–so much work, but I declare I am worth it… and so are YOU.. if you are juicing along!

Colon hydrotherapy is on my mind now…. but I may just add lots of melon juices to help clean me out more and see if that will ensure all things are cleared up, if you get my drift.. LOL 🙂



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