Day 5

Day 5 — already!!! 🙂  I thought it was only day 4, but no!

My overall intake was the same as yesterday, but because I had a busier day and was freezing due to the chilly weather all day, I upped my proteins.  I had my maca late morning with doses of HAcres barley max and carrot max powders while in the car, then had ground flax mid afternoon with Sun Warrior protein in sunflower milk, as well as an early evening shot of spirulina in my lemon cleanse drink from Nekter.  These were in between the Nekter cleanse juices.   It’s vital to keep taps on how your body is faring moment to moment and walk with discernment with God to make sure prudence and wisdom tempers fanatical commitment— um… yea… a reminder to myself.   🙂

Comforting things got extra appealing today because I was tried from prepping for some great auditions and dealing with the chill.  I don’t do well in cold weather anyway, but with my body on all cold juices does not really help things, ya know?  So teas and simply warmed water did the trick.  Simple things…

I did pick up extra melons for juicing later this week, but because I am having more fiber by having chia and flax 2-3 times each day, peristalsis should still move things along.

My last drink of the day with the Nekter cleanse is supposed to be a cashew based vanilla drink, but it almost made me nauseous and gag last night– it’s an odd flavor.  At first, it’s a nice treat, but then about 1/3 of the way through, it’s just too much for me.  I don’t want to waste it, so my fix-it plan for it (if I can drink it tonight) is to freeze half of the bottle into ice cubes, make it into a thicker shake with cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg and see if it helps.  And since I don’t usually take in so many nuts, I will pop a lysine pill just to offset the arginine.

Best thing yet–I cannot get over how not-hungry I am.  With all the superfoods I am taking in, I guess I don’t need much other non-super food. LOL!

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