Day 6!

I had melon cucumber and basil juice last night instead of the weird Nekter drink #6.  I was not up for feeling quesy again, so decided against it.

This morning, I felt more of the true nature of my fasting as I held back from even having a juice until I had my quiet time with God. It was awesome… and some little thoughts became greater revelations as the time with Him unfolded.  You see, yesterday, I felt a hunger for Him—as if I was not getting enough time together… I thought it weird as I really do try to be mindful of Him and take time to be still each morning reading the Bible.  So my first thought was “get busy just being with the One(s) you treasure.” So, I put all things aside to just BE with Him.

Long story, short, one of the devotionals I am reading during this fast is Letters from God.  The reading today had many gems, but one quote really struck me: “hunger defines you; it explains you to me…thirst and be satisfied; thirst and I will be satisfied.”  Basically, it spoke to my heart about how I pursue my love shapes the relationship… and the more mutual it becomes, the greater the outcome.  These little leadings affirmed me and made me feel like my thoughts from yesterday were not odd or for no reason.  My time with Him this morning was moving and so sweet and really filling to my soul …and then I felt free to feed my body.

After my tea and lemon, gulps of soaked chia in lime water, I had my first cleanse drink and then made the concoction I thought about yesterday—I froze the creamy Nekter drink, added cinnamon and cardamom, added water, flax and blended to a thick icy froth.  It was palatable—tasty,even!  I enjoyed this and figured I do better with a heavier tasting drink earlier than later in the day.

My dear friend spent a good part of my day with him prepping me for an audition… and then my day was full of editing a taped submission.  I was so caught up in things I didn’t take in enough, so I had to stop and juice myself up….and then the dizziness passed.  Nutritional constancy is vital these days…it’s quite important that I don’t let myself go too long without a shot of good liquid life in a glass 🙂

I made my mom and dad who visited their own glass of fresh melon and citrus drinks… they enjoyed it!  Even though I am picking up 2 more days of Nekter cleanse juices, I did prep a day’s worth of juice-able produce in case something happens with my order.

All in all, I had a great day—some munch cravings came and left as I confessed that I shall not live by bread alone, but by every word the proceeds from the mouth of God!  I have a lot to be thankful for!


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