Day 7– first week down! :)

I blogged earlier about the internal, unseen benefits of a fast such as this… You can look up an entry called Bloom in Gloom.  I am blessed and enthused about this first full week…

I learned that my body doesn’t like too much EFAs all at once!  All the essential fatty acids can be too much in one drink.  I am making sure I get all my brain nourishing fats while my insides cleaned out by taking soaked chia seeds, ground flax, and hemp seeds when having a drink with vegan protein powder with a nut mylk, but I got even more overambitious this morning.  I added a green powder and my maca powder to all the above and half way through the drink, I got a wave a nausea.  “Too much.. too much!” my body was saying, but my first reaction was to shut it down and just try to finish what I planned as “good for me.”  Then, I just took an extra pause.  Who is the smart one here?  me and my rationalizing brain—the one who needs to get healthy or my body made by a loving Creator?    I paused enough to point to the Creator and I listened to the cry to stop putting in “too much” into my system.  After taking a bit of tea instead, my body relaxed and the nausea disappeared.  After a cleansing bowel movement, I felt all was well… sorry if that was too much information! LOL!

Once I felt some hunger signals arise an hour or so later, I was able to finish the leftover EFA-laden drink without a problem.  Without getting into too much detail, it is my rationalizations that have gotten me in to many a mess, so this extra pause was a good thing…maybe the beginning of taking on that good habit to supplant my inclination to bulldoze myself into anything that seems good.  I am going for the ideal, not just good…and only being in tune with my heavenly maker can guide me so.  On a practical note on that issue—I scaled back my heaping spoon of spirulina in my Nekter lemon cleanse drink to just a half a spoon.  I still felt satisfied.

I still cannot get over how my cravings and hunger are quelled by my liquid doses of impactful nutrition.  Sure beats the awful ramifications of mindless munching through an entire pantry of empty caloric foods.   Food is not necessarily fuel.  And nothing beats the taste of the Word—straight from the good book.  Nothing else can satisfy like that.

I think I will end this night with another melon (sweet cleanser), celery  (for natural sodium), cucumber (uber hydrator), basil (calms), & cilantro (relaxes) drink for dessert in the auger juicer, not the centrifugal one.  I want to see if it comes out as frothy as from the centrifugal machine or if it will just yield more juice. It will definitely get more out of the fresh herbs. Either will be yummy—and if not frothy, than merely having more to drink would not be a bad thing.  Not “too much” of a good thing either… hee hee.

2 thoughts on “Day 7– first week down! :)

  1. Yes, listen to you body! One thing I have noticed is that I have less tummy issues since I have been juicing. It’s like my body is saying, “Phew, you stopped putting all that processed nonsense in my.”

    • I thought I replied, but now I don’t know where my reply to you went from last night! Thanks for your note…. and from one juice-lover to another— I TOAST YOU …and wish you a day full of life-giving nutrition! 🙂

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