Glowing in Gloom

Gosh… this afternoon was rich with personal realizations and truths unfolding in beautiful ways as I spent time in study (about Jewish marriage and Revelation 19) and quiet with my Abba.

2013-03-07 15.49.21I saw this big beautiful bloom on my first walk with Rocky and it just gripped me.  It was so most vibrant spot of color on both sides of the street.  It smelled so sweet–not syrupy, but fresh and new.  I returned later on another walk with Rocky just so I could snap a shot of it because it made awaken to how alive it was–how gorgeously it beamed so unapologetically bright.

I turned around only to have my breath stolen again. I snapped another shot because this remarkable bloom just seemed so out of place.  Standing so proud and defiantly jubilant against the atmosphere of a chilly, gloomy day, it just kept compelling me to come back.  I stopped by again adjusting my way home with Rocky so that I could revisit this glowing gem and deeply inhaled its fragrance several more times pondering on how I could describe it’s perfume.  Rocky just sat and waited and did not mind the detour at all.  Sweet boy.2013-03-07 15.52.34

As I left it, many things occurred to me–this was the same rose stalk that was cut back severely just a few months ago and its first return seemed to be a rebellious joy that said no matter what has been cut away, God prunes to make what is new, much greater than any former glory.  As big and mature as this bloom appeared, the contrast in its young, fresh scent also spoke of a season of renewal very obvious of late that could only come after a tempering by intense fire.

Through this bit of golden beauty, I felt beheld in love and fueled by a palpable hope–another reason to stop and smell the roses, especially this one.  In closing down day 7 (week one!) of my Lenten (reboot) juice fast, I feel especially affirmed.

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