Day 8 — beware the MUNCH MONSTERS!

Today was a tester for sure!

6:45 am and the car won’t start…and won’t even turn over.  Stress.  Argh.  Taxi cab and inordinate cost became the only solution at the early hour.  Once husby was on his way, I had the lingering anxiety… and I thought to reach for his bags of chips and crunchy savory things around the house.  Glad to say, I said NO!  … the habit of mindless, stress-diffusing munching is still very much a part of me for now–but not for long.  My goal is to stay focused on peace from above and stay with it by dwelling on the blessings of my God who can turn all lemons into lemonade.  Thank goodness that reminded me of the yummy, tart cleanser drink made of lemons and cayenne that I had coming up after my hot water and green drinks.

Intentionally fighting against my physical urge to chew, I used my mouth, instead, to pray and confess and command the day to come into spiritual order and prayed for blessings over myself and my loved ones. It was a passion-charged time…and I felt free of my grumbly belly and noshing needs.  Wahooo!

Moving onto my drinks… I had more today, more often. I felt my body really needed it.  My dad came to visit to help me with the car, so I made him lunch ( fought the urge to put that yummy black steamed rice in my mouth) and then juiced something awesome!  I grabbed stuff I had washed and prepped last night and it was soooooo creamy and yum!

I put 2 apples, ½ orange, ½ lime, few stalks of dinosaur kale and swiss chard, with a bunch of basil.  I loved this!  I think the basil really added a soothing feel and taste to this juice.  Delicious…wish I made more.

I then went about the rest of my day getting lots of stuff done… and felt so energized after each drink, especially after the spirulina jolt. Good stuff–kinda stinky sometimes, but good and energizing!

Friday is my treat day, so I bought myself a little gift online and then settled into a hot bath.  I don’t do this often, but I realized that detoxing the largest organ of my body is probably and perfectly prudent thing to do … as well as something I deserve after overcoming the stressful day and fighting back the munch-monsters! 

2013-03-08 17.14.09

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