CANtaloopy CCheers to you with this… my tasty dessert from last night- CANtaloopy C.  Cantaloupe, 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, basil, and 1 stalk of swiss chard, ½ orange and ½ lime.  Do you see that name?  It ties in to this day’s ponderment…

Today my challenge was to ponder upon the word YES—all that it means and the can-do-attitude it takes to receive and act upon good things!  I wonder how deeply I believe in what is possible …. How much; how deeply; how truly do I BELIEVE?  I wish to waver not and move mountains… I guess this is a season to dig deeper to reach higher and much further than  I could have otherwise…

Restocked, washed, dried, and juiced some produce for the next couple of days.  Lots of melons this week for many night caps …and just got a 10 pound bag of organic carrots at Costco for only 5 dollars.  That is the steal of the season, for sure!!!

I admitted to my husby that this juice fast is easier than I expected… and right after I got hit with a compulsion to reach for the pineapples I cut up and the raw granola he is chomping on next to me and chow down.  Ah… the challenge.

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