DAY 10 = 1/3. :)

I crashed… slept a good 8 hours last night.. that is so awesome and a very long time for me.

Since I got so much rest, I figured I would push myself and I did 45 minutes of  moderately advanced yoga.  I should have taken a vegan protein powder with my maca beforehand b/c I needed more fuel and found myself woozy and semi-shaking shortly after I finished.  I downed a SunWarrior protein, maca, hemp protein with some nut mylk and ground flax…and in about 20 minutes, I felt more stabilized and well again.

After a great Sunday of church, home-organizing, 3 hours of slow-press juicing, and work prepping for a role, I realized I am 1/3rd of the way through this March fast!  Wahooo!!!

Some cool drinks I made this afternoon were watermelon, lime, cilantro, and apple; apple, chard, lemon, celery, and carrot; kale, carrot, lemon; and my CANtaloopy C.  All slowpressed, so will keep for the next couple days.  This morning, however, I used my centrifugal juice to make myself and orange, lime, cilantro juice (2 servings) and my Cuisinart juicer is not built to make more than one serving at t time b/c the pulp just builds up and does not expel out the back as it should.  Design flaw… but I like the aesthetics and quiet, space-saving design so I will keep it just as a quickie juice maker since I have a slow auger option.

I am happy— 1/3rd done!  I will finish the race set before me!


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