Okay.. total honesty… it was a rough day.  I received several hits of challenging news after a little bit of a “win” in my creative class.  Then I got hit with lots of surges of urges to eat it away. So I sat still and dwelt with thoughts on good things, especially on the goodness of God who can make all things work together for good.

I took a break from the computer. That was a good move… and made my first batch of Kombucha of this year.  It’s cherry-berry-bomb-brew. It’s tastes “young” somehow like a young harvest wine would..not as deep and strong as my previous batches have tasted, but yeay for starting again and making something new.



I’m glad I premade some slowpressed juices yesterday to drink today b/c I really do not have the desire to juice more today… that’s a plus for being a planner of sorts, right? Signing off to imbibe now.  *sigh… mmm….

2 thoughts on “Day 11… ROUGHIN’ IT

  1. I love that name. “Cherry-berry-bomb-brew”. I would drink that.

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