I felt great today… not much sleep because of early morning appointments, but otherwise, all’s well!

My chef brother Jason  of Maru and RamekinLA stocked me up for my juicing marathon!

My chef brother Jason of Maru and RamekinLA stocked me up for my juicing marathon!

My twitter quote for the day was “Carve out your quiet places for retreat; to advance.”  No matter how busy things are, or rather, when things are as busy as they can get, this is so vital.  We are to guard our hearts and pursue peace.  This is wisdom of Biblical proportions…literally.

My day’s liquid rundown is written out today b/c it was a mishmash: 10 drinks listed spliced between the activities the preceded or followed them… really enjoyed them all!

1-hot lemon and cayenne water

2-barley max scoop in water

3-two gulps of soaked chia seeds

4-tulsi (holy basil) tea

5- 4 oz of apple, kale, and celery and then 10 oz of orange, granny smith apple, carrot, and swiss chard juice.

Loved this late immensely nutrifying breakfast.  I sat and listened to contemporary Christian music while double-fisting these juices and just let the joy and peace in this quiet carving of time saturate me. I was invigorated and felt beautified from the inside out.

6-nut mylk shake with flax, cinnamon, cardamom

I felt like taking public transportation today –shh… don’t tell my husby—doesn’t want me to be unsafe.  I’ll share with him later!  It was wonderful to do it by choice to get a feel of the land and people.  It a good thing to see LA from a slowed pace–be able to watch and observe while not worrying about commuting. … I had to do it no-choice last year when all our cars went kapoot and it was often grueling and rigorous, but a necessary life lesson in deepening humility and gratitude.

7- a 6 oz of watermelon, lime, cilantro, cucumber

8- powershot of beet juice, turmeric, and cayenne…whewee!

9- spirulina in mixed greens juice

10- pineapple juice swig, other swigs from freshly pressed juices made for tomorrow including: beet, apple, and lemon w/ ginger, and kale, carrot, ginger, lemon—that one was super strong! Wowsers.

… if I have a nightcap, it will be a bit of one of the ones I made—probably the leftover watermelon juice.

Today was a great juicing day!!!  I really had quite a bit!  I don’t think I’ve had this much nutrition in such a short amount of time EVER!  The only “need” I feel to eat is to just be social and scratch a craving itch– I am really really satisfied and not hungry–not one iota!! This is just so remarkable to me.


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