DAY 14 was FUN!

Had little sleep last night because so much is going on, but I got up this morning looking forward to the blessing of see one of my besties…she is 4+ months pregnant and we have not been able to spend much time because it’s been pretty rough for her.  Before I left, I got my 3-day juice cleanse from STARBARS…

It’s the most well-packaged cleanse I have seen yet.  A got a cute to-go insulated bag, handpackaged bath salts, and an coconut/almond mylk I have been eager to try from a new small batch vendor.  The delivery person was also kind and cheerful which made things even better!  Since I had a full day of juices remaining, I put it away to start tomorrow.

Flash forward to meeting my galpal at a Whole Foods in Tustin… we gabbed, and shared, and prayed, and shopped, and gabbed some more.  Plus, my treats were two amazingly great juices I have not had yet.  I had a savory one—tomato, zucchini, garlic, cucumber, and lemon… I wish there was more tomato, but this was a special treat and nice change of pace.  Then I stopped by a new place I heard about while I was in the area called Earthly Juices


The main guy there had his head wrapped in a turbin and was so full of frenetic energy, I found the visit peculiarly refreshing.  We shared our views on the one true God—this man believes God is female and I believe that there is a reason God in the Jewish and Christian Bible wants to be known as the Father.  He thought that was cool and said my faith and beliefs are welcome there…  nice, enthusiastic gentleman who is high on life.  I appreciate that and have to remember to learn from that, too…  At this juice bar, I had their Heavy De-metaler… fennel, apple, lime, lemon and I asked for extra bit of pineapple.  I had not put fennel in any of my juices at home, so this was another liquid treat today.  It made the 2 hour drive home extra nice.

I was so sleep-deprived I did not get a hike in I had hoped today, but I did indulge in an afternoon nap and enjoyed that immensely.

I am realizing I CAN and WILL complete this fast!

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