16… Sweet 16

I am really enjoying my StarBars 3-day purchased juice detox…not only for the variety flavor, but for the break from all the tedium that juicing requires.  *sigh…nice.

Day 2 of Starbars 3-day juice cleanse

Day 2 of Starbars 3-day juice cleanse

It really REALLY makes a difference when a juice is cold-pressed… the flavors are literally more “alive” to my taste and their combinations of juices, especially the Clean Green, are really great!  The one I just mentioned has dandelion greens in them…and what a wonderful addition!  I had no idea how beneficial these “weeds” are! Check out these two articles:



I really look forward the drinking their juices… and the almond/coconut Mylk they offer as the last drink of the day is AMAAAAZZZZZING!  I thought it was just hype, but it is the BEST almond mylk I have had to date–I guess it helps that I am partial to coconut water…but seriously–it is delish!  http://mylkman.com/

It’s Saturday and I’m packed scheduling-wise, so I am thankful these prepressed juices are at the ready for me to take and run!!!

Enjoy the pics of them… I really love this juice vendor.. Starbars is the “star” so far amongst all the vendors I’ve tried.  I have not exhausted the list of vendors in LA (not even sure if that is possible b/c there are so many), but this gets my vote at this point.

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