walk it OFF!

Not only is a walk good to stop unnecessary munchies as I have discovered over and over during my juicing experience, but it is just as great to burn through the random thoughts that can plague you after an audition.

I had a solid audition this afternoon, but found myself with nagging thoughts and the dreaded coulda-shoulda-woulda cycle… so, what did I do?  I walked far far far far…and exhausted myself so that I no longer had the energy to plague myself with berating thoughts.  By the time I got home after the walk, I found myself ready to move onto other matters and the next auditions still needing my attention and preparatory focus.  Yes, it took an hour and a half to shake off the post-audition torment that threatened to leach my energy, but I beat it back in a productive and sane manner.  For that alone, this audition was worthwhile!

When in doubt (or in the doldrums …and distressed), I say… WALK IT OFF!!!

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