Day 17! St. Patty’s glee :)

In 2 more Sundays will be my first meal…and I wonder if it will be anticlimactic as I remember from breaking my last 10-day juice fast years ago… or if I will really enjoy and slowly savor each bite.  I hope it’s both… we’ll see.

Littered by organized piles of produce, my husby says he feels like we have a garden in our home— what a sweet thing to ponder and wish to have in our future!  Replenished by a few days of non-juicing-work thanks to Starbars, I was psyched up enough to get on the wagon again.  So, I spent 4 hours between yesterday and today cleaning, pruning, and then slow-press juicing my main “meal” juices for the next 3 days. Kinda tiresome during the process, but rewarding and worthwhile.  Have you ever really studied how wondrous each bit of each fruit or veggie is? … beautiful, practical, so good for you… little miraculous treats packaged as gifts for human-healing and consumptive joy…!

oh yes… back to my juices… the three are : 1-apple, beet, beet greens, lemon, ginger; 2-celery, lime, kiwi, parsley; 3-cucumber, red kale, carrot, lemon, ginger.  The last two are so potent… whew… they are super dense with micronutrient value.  That is the UP side of juicing at home… I can make them as super dense as I can handle!  I also prepped golden beets, cantaloupe, cilantro, and some citrus for the next few days for the in-betweens along with the HAcres barley green powder and my EFA + maca concoctions I blend with frozen nut mylks.  FAT IS GOOD FOR ME AND YOU.  Almost all fats taste good–plant based fats make you look and feel good.  


Today is a stay-cation day with my husby… we hardly ever get to time quiet rest together and I am blessed to say both of our out of town business trips did not happen so we are able to do more of what we said we would do–be together and count our blessings.

Filled with gratitude as we leave behind some of life’s great storms and look forward to some that need to still be won.



3 thoughts on “Day 17! St. Patty’s glee :)

  1. I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day. Green Represents Saint Patrick’s Day don’t you think?

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