from Young & RAW

from Young & RAW

I gave away some of my Kombucha and shared some freshly made juice with my classmates this morning and I was shocked at how new and different the tastes (as well as the idea of juicing) are to some folks.  I guess when entrenched in doing my best to thrive in holistic living, it is the opposite  (grease, heavy meats, and commercially tainted foods) that seem odd to me.  It made me realize that some intermediary steps toward a juicing regimen could be helpful.  Sooooooo…I am sharing an article from a group called Young & Raw… this is great information for peeps who want to get into juicing and allay their concerns that it will be too jarring for their bodies… good preparatory tips below!
With juice cleansing gaining popularity in the media, many people are tempted to dive into a cleanse head first without properly and safely preparing their bodies. While the promised weight loss may seem appealing, it’s so important that you prepare your body for the detox that will accompany a juice cleanse.Here’s 6 Steps to Prepare Your Body for a Juice Cleanse:

1. Prep your body with lots of water. Drink at least 1-2 liters of clean water a day leading up to your fast.

2. Focus on whole foods – remove as many processed and refined foods from your diet as possible during the week leading up to your cleanse. Integrate as much raw food into your diet as possible, so more salads, smoothies and whole fruits.

3. Gently begin introducing juice and smoothies into your diet – have a juice and or a smoothie every day of the week leading up to your cleanse.

4. 2-3 days before you start your cleanse, you can replace a meal or two with a smoothie. This will get your body used to liquid nutrition.

5. 2-3 days before you start your juice cleanse, start to reduce your fat intake. You will not be taking in any overt fats on your cleanse, and it is best to ease your body into this.

6. Do smoothies only the day before you start your cleanse. This will still be giving your body fibre, but it will help to transition your body smoothly into a liquids only plan.

Make sure you consult your N.D or H.N prior to beginning a juice cleanse. Our cleanse programs are guided virtually by our Resident H.N & Health Coach and all plans are reviewed and approved by our N.D, Dr. Quinn. It’s very important that you select a plan you can trust, and remember to be gentle with your body before doing a juice feast full on.

Your body needs time to transition or the detox process will be extremely difficult and can even cause harm. Juice feasts should not be used for the sole intention of weight loss, but to heal and rejuvenate the body inside and out. Eating a totally or mostly plant based, high raw diet and then transitioning into a juice feast is most ideal for the best results internally and externally. ~ Young and Raw

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