Day 19!! EEK I’M LATE!

WOW… the day got so busy!  I forgot to write!  It’s kind of a good sign in that this juicing lifestyle has taken root and it is not as momentous as it has been to get through each day… so yeay!


the best part of the day– this yummy, high-EFA juice concoction of grapefruit, orange, lemon, cayenne, chia, & ginger.2013-03-19 10.48.50

the low:  had  a no caff tea with almond mylk that was sweetened and boy did I feel that sugar in the mylk right away.   Ugh… it was way to sweet and even gave me a mild head buzz…  I wonder if that means I just cut out all refined sugars all together after this fast… hmm… something to think on…

Off to a super busy day!!!

Blessings to you!


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