I knew this week would be a toughie… and boy oh boy…

I am happy to say that my body is crying out for different things and I am developing an innate sense of how to answer…

I felt I needed more protein, so I am now putting in at least one raw vegan protein powdered shake each day–maybe two.  Why do I feel this way?  I felt my muscles were started to get depleted and eaten up by my body looking for the fuel it needs because my skin seemed more slack and not firm and my muscles seemed less taut.  Just a hunch, but one I anticipated, so hemp protein and SunWarrior protein ready to go!  I wish I had my Vega powder, though–I think it tastes nicer. Otherwise, I will be aiding in my body’s natural survival strategy to cannabilize itself to get what it needs.  And that is certainly not the point of this time of fasting… it’s to rebuild and renew!

…I am really missing  my fruit smoothies… *sigh.. just a sidebar…

I also feel I need more vitamin K… I have two weirdly acute-looking bruises on my knee areas from cat-cowing during an at-home yoga session.  I used to eat enough bananas, but that won’t start again until April 1, so that means I have to up the amount of leafy greens I juice to compensate! Just a couple tablespoons of Parsley has has 150% of the RDA recommended daily allowance of it.  Spinach and kale are great– wish I bought those asparagus shoots that were beckoning me the other day…  I really should listen to my inclinations more often (when they lead me to healthy things, that is!)

The challenge for me at this point moving forward is sheer boredom with liquids.  I found myself crunching blissfully on some unblended ice in my protein shake and found it sad and funny at the same time.  I just know that with each choice to discipline my tastebuds and choose valuable fuel, I am building my ability to continue to choose wisely in times to come.  NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS WELLNESS FEELS!

The verses I had committed to (from Psalms 119:45 & 103 ) when I started really come to play now… “I will walk in liberty for I seek they precepts” and “How sweet are thy words are to my taste than honey to my mouth…” because I believe He is completing something in and around me that is underway and I do not want to circumvent that in anyway…  Plus, I have noticed my hunger to pray for myself and others has gained momentum and fire.  Interesting parallel to where I am in this juicing journey. 

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