DAY 23 – Perseverance bears fruit!

I had so many great things happen today.

2013-03-23 09.51.53

First–my super serious drink was not as gross as it looked!  It was full of fresh grapefruit and lemon juices, soaked chia, and a heaping tablespoon of spirulina… I was nervous, but it was actually fine!  Not only that, it was really energizing after a 25 minute elliptical workout to remind my muscles to come back to life! LOL!

Second–I have the bestest companion in the world!  I cannot seem to upload the video to share the fun, but my dog Rocky likes drinking my juices along with me… It soooo blessed my heart… You can see the quick videos on his FB page: .  In the videos he is lapping up apple, spinach, carrot, and lemon juice.  The cool part is the second video in which he stopped playing “catch” with me to lap up some healthy refreshment without a directive from me… that really tickled my heart 🙂

Thirdly… I enjoy going once a month to get a student massage at … it’s only 20 for an hour of massage with no tips accepted.  So, it’s a guilt-free way to work out all the tension in my injured back and neck.  Anyhoo…Andrew –a student masseur there gave me a shiatsu massage that was struck me as a modernized thai massage.  It was invigorating, but something happened  as he was pressing upon my core–one of the meridian points near my navel.  Not only was it a great belly rub, but when he depressed his pressure on one point just left of my belly button, something released that sent a soothing warmth that spread across my abdomen and up to my knees.  It was really interesting and calming.  That has never happened before.  Andrew said there was too much energy in one of the meridian points and once it released, the energy balanced through my body.

Peaceful and balanced…. I went about grocery shopping to restock my juicing supplies.  Off I go to keep washing and prepping … 🙂  Enjoy your Saturday!

One thought on “DAY 23 – Perseverance bears fruit!

  1. Andrew sounds pretty top notch.

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