DAY 24… I eat bugs… :/



okay.. LOOK CLOSELY… the more you do, the less you’ll eat buggy protein unwittingly.  My chef brother Jason Park of Maru and says bugs are our friends.  After all, the logic is that if bugs can live and thrive on the produce you find them happily hiding in, then the produce is safe for you and me to ingest without fear of unseen contaminants and toxins like awful illness-inducing pesticides.  So, that is why I wash and wash and wash some more… sometimes up to 4 rinses and knick-picky rub offs.  The most tedious to clean are the leafy greens with nooks and crannies like dark, dino kale… lots of little buggers hide safely no matter how much I inspect the bitty spaces.  So, I get an extra boost of nature’s protein (no animal flesh–just bugs LOL!) that is safe for me and probably quite healthy since they were feeding off the very produce I am juicing for the benefits.

This article on how many bugs we eat may startle you…

This full span of the last 8 days of juicing myself has really taught me that I CAN DO THIS… on my own (without purchased juice cleanses) if I need and want.  I have a 5 day regimen I am getting Monday, so I will have a break, which will help because this workweek is quite jam packed… but I will still add my own juices and usual maca and spirulina boosts because I feel my body really needs extra goodness …and in this final week until Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter), I look forward to things that ground me, make me dig deeper on every level so that I can grow stronger and reach higher planes of existence!

Off to buggy land I go for a hike with the husby and Rocky the Rescue at Runyon Canyon 🙂  Gotta make myself a hemp powder shake before I go to make sure I fuel my body so hungry for protein…

2 thoughts on “DAY 24… I eat bugs… :/

  1. This post will make some people super paranoid, not me though. Bugs don’t scare me too much.

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