love my liver! DAY 26

So, I am adding one final cleansing touch to this last week of juice fasting… a liver detox!2013-03-26 05.49.40

I have a bit of the liver drop left from a cleanse a year ago (from Aster Elliot–an awesome holistic nutritionist)…and I learned that a concoction of unsweetened cranberry juice, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar is a holistic way to clean my liver… tart tart tart! Get ready to pucker on this one!

This week I am doing Nektar’s 5-day juice cleanse but adding my own things like chia in fresh citrus in the mornings and doing a hemp/flax protein shake in the afternoon… I need my protein! 🙂  …and I need my fat, too!  It keeps my adrenals from going kookoo with the natural sugar spike some juices can have, plus it prevents my body from thinking it’s in starvation mode, which would cause very unhappy consequences once I start chewing solid foods this Sunday.    Sooo… I have been taking in lots of EFAs…chia, flax, hemp, and blending in a spoon of avocado into my green juices on nights where I feel a bit jittery and need my body to chill.  Other nights, I’ve just had some fresh nut mylk which has a similar effect, but I prefer lysine over arginine heavy foods.

I am in disbelief– after Wednesday, I will be in the homestretch of this cleansing fast… I don’t know how it went by so fast!

One thought on “love my liver! DAY 26

  1. Wow! A liver dropper!

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