DAY 28. As of 6pm–A very Good Friday has started, indeed…

oooooover the midweek hump-yeay!  I was exhausted today, however… long day at the hospital yesterday wiped me out.  Good news is that dad is recovering well at home 🙂

Was feeling ick…really just wanted to eat something soft and decadent… even a banana with yogurt or apples with raw honey and cinnamon sounded so dreamy…  I did do an infrared session, so at least that was warm and comforting.  Happy to say my former reflex to just pick up various foods when I am prepping in the kitchen and shove them into my mouth has gone…although I did lick my fingers of various liquids–should discard that habit, too.  Note to self– This is a journey…not a destination.

I was telling my husby last night that even the “advanced” Nektar cleanse juices are for juice-newbies… not dense enough in my taste for nutrition-packed liquids.  What sufficed the first week of this juice fast just is not cutting it during this final week.  I need more goods–so I put spirulina in their lemon drink and lots of other barley grass and carrot powder from in their green drinks.   Plus, they just taste flat in contrast to the home-slow-pressed juices and those I have purchased from cold-pressing juice stores–these Nektar juices almost make me nauseous…and the added stevia or agave in some of the cleanse juices doesn’t help.  It’s just too sweet and conflicts with the natural goodness of the juices.  Ah well… I’ll grin and bear it the next couple days and just keep jazzing them up with my own additions and making some of my own that I can look forward to!  I have to admit, though, that my dissatisfaction with this week’s juices have to do with that fact I am “over” having liquids and could really use some stuff to eat at this point.   Regardless, when I make my own, they do certainly taste and make me feel better…

Just pressed some pineapple juice (delish!)…and a concoction of melons, basil, & lemon… I am looking forward to the melon soother in a bit.

One thing I am excited about is the big order I just put in at .  My Vega powders, and raw hemp with maca and E3live are priced nicely there and when I went through their special sales sections, I found tons of great bargains including many of my favorite raw food snacks at 2/3rds of their regular cost.  Plus, I ordered enough to get free shipping! So, a treat for my slow and deliberate chewing satisfaction next week!… or whenever it gets here…  I really miss my own homemade raw granola… *sigh.

With all the missing of food going on today, it did help me focus on the point of this fast–to pray and become better acquainted with God and He jogged my thoughts to the place of the letter X.  In thinking of all the ways I could describe Him through the English alphabet, I was drawing nothing on the letter x but plays on “x” (i.e. x-cellent). Then the simplicity of that unfolded into an expansive wonderful knowing… I GOT IT!  

X– stands for the power of multiplication, magnification.  It also designates a choice I make, can show the destination I wish to arrive at, and can mean an elimination of unwanted things.  There is that thing called the x-factor–the inexplicable something special that has the power to propel the ordinary into a new dimension.  Not to mention “x” can stand for the cross…like  “cross my heart,”….(not hope to die, though) because as I promise and pledge my heart to be renewed by Him, He has so lovingly made me His for always and evermore…  And my achey cravings become supplanted by an eternal satiation.  What peace!

A blessed Resurrection season is here!

(in Biblical reckoning, 6pm is the time the new day begins…)


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