No-Finger-Lickin’. GOOD! Day 29! :)

2013-03-29 08.00.11

See this?  After an amazing time of quiet, journaling, prayer, and sweet music, my Good Friday got off to a bang!  It turns out it is the birthdays of two gal friends… so when seeking inspiration, I was moved to make these!2013-03-29 08.33.33

 Hand-dipped organic black mission figs in dark belgian chocolate dusted with ceylon cinnamon and the other half dusted with cocoa-cayenne. oooooo… can you say that again?! oooooo…. AND… as I said yesterday, I need/want to stop licking my fingers after assembling things in the kitchen…(horrible mindless munching ensures typically) wahoo– NO finger-lickin’ today!  I was not even tempted…although my mindlessness almost got the best of me, my conscious choice prevailed.  It is true that the giver gets blessed back… and I got to prove to myself I broke another bad habit!  I love how cute the little treats turned out...  I made two extra for myself to have on Easter Sunday. 🙂  I do hope Karina and Elina enjoy their goodies.  Making something, beating a bad habit in the process, and then gifting homespun love…*sigh–there are few natural highs that beat the gift of giving to others.. I am so blessed and happy!

2013-03-29 08.34.29

I am so energized from this season of fasting…. I am loving life and loving the joys I am claiming as my own without apology!  I did 45 min of yoga, an infrared session…laundry, made my dog food, going to go food shopping and start cooking for this weekend…and have a date night with my husby (hopefully, if he can spare some time from his production deadlines.).

And you know what?!  … I just noticed, I am not as queasy from the Nektar juices.  They still don’t taste as great as others, but at least I am not nauseous!! LOL

I am still amazed at how I did not dive in and eat my gals’ birthday gifts.  Seriously, when I make treats for others I always double the recipe because I end up eating 1/3 of it to “taste test”… I guess my gal pals are my guinea pigs today.  At least I can vouch for how cute they look. Right?!  ...even NOT eating chocolate release endorphins it seems!

2013-03-29 08.50.17Last day on my juicing journey tomorrow…

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