NO Grain RAW granola bites!

Seriously! It’s possible…and super tasty yummylicious way to add sweetness to with natural cancer fighting benefits of B-17 in apricot kernels!

Updated 7/2019 🙂 

apricot kernels take center palate stage!

Apricot kernels take center palate stage!


  • 1 cup each walnuts and apricot kernels (soaked and dehydrated, of course!)
  • 1 & 3/4 cup white or golden mulberries
  • 1/4 cup hemp seeds
  • 1 cup water–add rest of following ingredients:
    2 tablespoons Ceylon cinnamon & 1 tablespoon monkfruit
    1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract

It is plenty sweet enough due to the sweetness of mulberries so try without the normal honey, coconut crystals, etc., … (I think figs and dates would be a nice addition to this… and sunflower seeds can be used if walnuts are not your preference.)


  1. Soak walnuts and apricot kernels in water, rinsing several times in the 24 hours.
  2. Put vanilla, cinnamon, (monkfruit if you’re s sweet tooth), and salt in the cup of water and mix up.
  3. When 24 hours of soaking is finished and water runs clear from the rinsing, put hemp seeds, walnuts, apricot kernels, and mulberries into the cup of water described in 2. 
  4. Mix up everything, take about 3/4 of batch and put through food processor. Let about half of it become like a paste while the rest is still coarsely chopped and mixed up.
  5. Add back to unprocessed portion in bowl and thoroughly mix together.  It should be wet, but not too mushy wet b/c it will take way too long to dehydrate to get to the right chewy consistency.
  6. Mold by hand onto teflex sheets (the porous kind, not solid sheets you make fruit roll ups on) into big cookie shapes or whatever size and shape you will find easiest to share. They will shrink a bit and it’s fun to be able to run and go or package these nicely and share with others.
  7. For the dehydrating process–this batch needs to air out on every surface possible for about 12 hours, give or take. This should hold together and be slightly moist tasting and substantive with a touch of chew–not tough, just joyously chewable. :0)

Just a note… apricot kernels may be hard to find and when I have found them, they have been rather pricey at about 12.99 for about 1/2 – 3/4 lb. It was at the Whole Foods and Erewhon in Los Angeles, in case you want to know!

I make this as a very special treat for me…and the main reason I just don’t eat all of the whole very high in EFA snack at one time is b/c my stash is hard and pricey to replenish!!! But it is so worth having on hand and really delightful to share 🙂

Stevia savvy TASTE TEST

2013-04-13 22.32.43

So, I felt like to doing a soda test of sorts. If I drink soda, I usually drink Zevia brand because I like it and to be honest I tend to have brand loyalty once I try and appreciate something. I realized, though, that I have not compared it to other stevia based sodas since there has been a rise in stevia usage and popularity. So, I picked up Blue Sky as a new contender to pit against the reigning Zevia.

I sat to have both after an evening out where I was quite full… I started with Zevia Ginger Ale and enjoyed it, of course, and then sipped and swished some water in my mouth, waited a little while until my mouth was warm and balanced with my saliva and then sipped on Blue Sky’s Jamaican Ginger Ale. I was a bit surprised! I was not sure how I registered the tastes was right so I kept switching and swapping between the sodas.

Blue Sky had a more complex flavor profile and unique lingering warmth as a real ginger might have in your body (but on my tongue in this case)–a unique flavor that I wanted to drink more of. So, I finished the Blue Sky soda first and still did not feel my overfilled belly was relieved in any way. So, I turned to my reliable Zevia Ginger Ale. I appreciated how Zevia’s bubbly carbonation stayed strong long after the can was opened and Blue Sky’s bubbles had fizzled away. After Zevia’s ale, I finally felt my tummy was soothed. Was it because I had both cans or because the latter can delivered more of the bubbly aid. Hmm… I dunno, but I like both equally now for different purposes–Blue Sky for a quick, warming taste satisfaction if I plan to down the can in a hurry… and Zevia for digestive ease and a sharp dose of carbonated potency. Of course, nothing beats a good home brewed (or select store-bought) Kombucha for both purposes!

As an actor, it…

As an actor, it’s so great to live the best and worst of another’s “life” and apply lessons to make my own “real” one that much better!

 — a deep realization that grounded me during a stageplay rehearsal in which I am playing a overly driven family doctor and a heavily disappointed wife who cannot reconcile herself to a failing marriage.  When the actor playing my husband still tries to pursue me after forgiving me for reckless disregard of his emotions and contribution to the home, it struck me that the overtures are such a demonstration of chivalry and love.  …I found myself wishing that kind of awakening of love and devotion to all in the real world….


2010-10-22 18.42.16-1
Scared ya, huh? I can get my hair/fur to stand on end… hoped I could get yours to do the same!!! My mom almost named me Rascal because I can be one…
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so… one point of great success from my juicing month is my lowered need for sweetness in what I eat and drink. I have not used my typical to-go stevia and agave options in anything I made for myself since breaking my fast!

But I do allow myself soaked dates for that touch of natural sweetness balanced by earthy glory. Here’s how to have them ready to go for whenever your smoothies, recipes, or your palate calls for them!2013-04-04 09.28.49

TA-DA DATE-ICE-CUBES! Soak your dates (so many different kinds to choose from!) for a couple days in the fridge and allow the natural sugars to release into the water. Delish! and then put them into your ice cube tray of choice. I like silicone baby food maker trays because they are a nice size and the dates fit perfectly into each cube. Here’s the one I have:

I have added them to my shakes, smoothies, and frozen nana-iced treats (ya know, frozen bananas made into pseudo frozen yogurt/ice-creams?) This past week, I made one with dates, Vega Chai protein, and sprinkled sprouted, dehydrated walnuts and cinnamon on top. It hit the mark in terms of my PMS-need to nosh… It was great and the protein was a good balance to all the natural sugars…

You will LOVE getting Date-d… I promise!