I miss juice- 3 days post breaking my juice fast …

Eating, as expected, has been rather anticlimactic but I did not expect the blah blah feeling about the tastes of foods to last for days!

2013-03-31 15.50.03Easter day I enjoyed a wonderfully hearty meal…and probably ate a bit too much of the guacamole and grilled pineapples on top of the other veggies, but it was certainly nice to have some savory dishes… My husby makes the BEST guac… no kidding; no exaggeration–even my food snob family says so! LOL

Monday, after smoothies, soups, and veggies all day, I went to have a dinner at Native Foods Cafe in Culver City with my husby and we both got tummy aches from the foods we ordered.  I took home my tempeh and grilled veggie bowl, but enjoyed Lyfe Kitchen (restaurant across the street) and their baked sweet potato fries and berry chia seed soaked chocolate budino.  Surprisingly, I did not want to polish it all off… my stomach literally would not allow me to because I was already sooooo discomforted by how full I felt.  Today I had larger snacks and a large afternoon meal because I had sudden munchies for desserts like this: (I love lemon and lime desserts!)2013-04-02 16.33.09

Still, I could not eat but a fraction of the gobs of servings I used to stuff in my mouth before the fast.  How odd and wonderful.  I like feeling how my tummy feels instead of just going numb and just continually stuffing without much remorse or cognizance.  Plus, I want more living foods… eating my leftovers from Native Foods left another blechy coat on  my tongue that I tried to cover up with other foods like dates, dried figs, and ending up eating more desserts to help.  I am looking forward to having a meal at Lyfe sometime soon.  They do not have a fryer and serve foods in the correct portions which most Americans find too small… but it is the excessive abundance in our country that is what is truly askew in my opinion.


I think I will juice tonight– gaia melon, leek greens, cucumber, and a bit of cucumber…  I really do miss the richness of flavors in freshpressed juices–nothing compares!!! I think my body misses the nutrient density and ease of assimilation, too….

(just made the juice… sooo good and soothing with a satisfying savoryness from the leeks… interesting combo of green things!)

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