so… one point of great success from my juicing month is my lowered need for sweetness in what I eat and drink. I have not used my typical to-go stevia and agave options in anything I made for myself since breaking my fast!

But I do allow myself soaked dates for that touch of natural sweetness balanced by earthy glory. Here’s how to have them ready to go for whenever your smoothies, recipes, or your palate calls for them!2013-04-04 09.28.49

TA-DA DATE-ICE-CUBES! Soak your dates (so many different kinds to choose from!) for a couple days in the fridge and allow the natural sugars to release into the water. Delish! and then put them into your ice cube tray of choice. I like silicone baby food maker trays because they are a nice size and the dates fit perfectly into each cube. Here’s the one I have:

I have added them to my shakes, smoothies, and frozen nana-iced treats (ya know, frozen bananas made into pseudo frozen yogurt/ice-creams?) This past week, I made one with dates, Vega Chai protein, and sprinkled sprouted, dehydrated walnuts and cinnamon on top. It hit the mark in terms of my PMS-need to nosh… It was great and the protein was a good balance to all the natural sugars…

You will LOVE getting Date-d… I promise!


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