Stevia savvy TASTE TEST

2013-04-13 22.32.43

So, I felt like to doing a soda test of sorts. If I drink soda, I usually drink Zevia brand because I like it and to be honest I tend to have brand loyalty once I try and appreciate something. I realized, though, that I have not compared it to other stevia based sodas since there has been a rise in stevia usage and popularity. So, I picked up Blue Sky as a new contender to pit against the reigning Zevia.

I sat to have both after an evening out where I was quite full… I started with Zevia Ginger Ale and enjoyed it, of course, and then sipped and swished some water in my mouth, waited a little while until my mouth was warm and balanced with my saliva and then sipped on Blue Sky’s Jamaican Ginger Ale. I was a bit surprised! I was not sure how I registered the tastes was right so I kept switching and swapping between the sodas.

Blue Sky had a more complex flavor profile and unique lingering warmth as a real ginger might have in your body (but on my tongue in this case)–a unique flavor that I wanted to drink more of. So, I finished the Blue Sky soda first and still did not feel my overfilled belly was relieved in any way. So, I turned to my reliable Zevia Ginger Ale. I appreciated how Zevia’s bubbly carbonation stayed strong long after the can was opened and Blue Sky’s bubbles had fizzled away. After Zevia’s ale, I finally felt my tummy was soothed. Was it because I had both cans or because the latter can delivered more of the bubbly aid. Hmm… I dunno, but I like both equally now for different purposes–Blue Sky for a quick, warming taste satisfaction if I plan to down the can in a hurry… and Zevia for digestive ease and a sharp dose of carbonated potency. Of course, nothing beats a good home brewed (or select store-bought) Kombucha for both purposes!

One thought on “Stevia savvy TASTE TEST

  1. Although I haven’t tried the Blue Sky Stevia Ginger Ale, I’ve tried the Blue Sky regular Cola and I quite like it! I wish I liked the taste of stevia in sodas…I find it has a taste that reminds me of artificial sweeteners (even though I know it’s natural).

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