NO Grain RAW granola!

Seriously! It’s possible…and super tasty yummylicious!

apricot kernels take center palate stage!

apricot kernels take center palate stage!

I love this version! and I took just a little bite out before I scarfed more… hee hee

ingredients: (these are approximated as I usually don’t measure much when I get going in the kitchen!)
1 cup each walnuts and apricot kernels (soaked and dehydrated, of course!)
1 & 3/4 cup white or golden mulberries
1/2 cup organic apple juice (more if needed…)
1/4 cup hemp seeds
2 tablespoons agave or raw honey
2 tablespoons Ceylon cinnamon
moderate dusting of Himalayan salt
few drops of vanilla extract
(I think figs and dates would be a nice addition to this… and sunflower seeds can be used if walnuts are not your preference.)

Mix up everything, take about 3/4 of batch and put through food processor. Let about half of it become like a paste while the rest is still coarsely chopped and mixed up. Add back to unprocessed portion in bowl and thoroughly mix together. If you need a bit more apple juice to get the mixture to mix in the processor, just drizzle to get the mixing moving. It should be wet, but not too mushy wet b/c it will take way too long to dehydrate to get to the right chewy consistency. Mold by hand onto teflex sheets (the porous kind, not solid sheets you make fruit roll ups on) into big cookie shapes or whatever size and shape you will find easiest to share. They will shrink a bit and it’s fun to be able to run and go or package these nicely and share with others. For the dehydrating process–this batch needs to air out on every surface possible for about 12 hours, give or take. This should hold together and be slightly moist tasting and substantive with a touch of chew–not tough, just joyously chewable. :0)

Just a note… apricot kernels may be hard to find and when I have found them, they have been rather pricey at about 12.99 for about 1/2 – 3/4 lb. It was at the Whole Foods in Pasadena, in case you want to know!

I make this as a very special treat for me…and the main reason I just don’t eat all of the whole very high in EFA snack at one time is b/c my stash is hard and pricey to replenish!!! Once I can find apricot kernels at a more reasonably price, including shipping (anybody know?!), I may make it more often…but, then again, it won’t be as special then, right? LOL!


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