My Lemon went Bald!

Do you ever think about how you can make the most out of everything? Your life, your days, your hopes, your budget…etc… then how about starting to make the most out of EVERYTHING else? Don’t you feel great when you redeemed every part and moment of your time and energy…?

So how simply great to if and when we WASTE NOT and mindfully use every part of everything we consume. It would honor our Creator, give due care and diligence to the world around us, and make sure we are stewarding what is available to us now so that it will be available for others later… (see bottom of this entry to get a great composting link!)

Okay.. that’s a big picture idea that I want to break down to little practical things… like a lemon for starters…
2013-04-21 08.23.30

I have been coming up with fun ways to use all parts of produce (until I get a composting bin of my own of sign up for a service of some kind) since my juice fast and this morning I made sure I practiced that. So, all I did was ZEST the ENTIRE LEMON and set it in the freezer for future usage (I always love lemon desserts and lemon infused anything!). Then I just sliced up the rest for my morning tea… and it releases the lemon juice much more readily this way (BIG BONUS!)… Plus, this is a great way to just have slices ready to go into my Vitamix for a great detox smoothie like this one… 🙂2012-11-23 10.49.39

This is a lovely refresher:
one large apple, kale or other greens, celery, cucumber, lemon wedge, apple cider vinegar, parsley, and if someone needs a sweeter taste, add raw honey or agave. …or adding it into a fiberful raw fruity chewy strip. This one has julienned apples, chia seeds, lemon zest, and ginger. Mixed it all up and dehydrated for a day.

2013-04-10 21.09.58

Next time, I might just puree all the ingredients to make more of the classic fruity strip instead of a textured one.

AND as promised… here is the cool composting link with lots of information and resources if you live in LA (city):

If you live in LA County, here’s another site:

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