2013-04-13 11.49.59 I love coming up with treats that are good for me and great for gifting. In fact, it is usually the cravings of others that gets my ambitious healthy brain gears turning…
2013-04-14 13.11.04

Firstly, my hubby’s birthday was a time to share yum things with guests who popped by for dinner and to honor my hubby’s wishes for me not to go overboard baking people treats, I was a bit devious and skipped baking to handmake chocolate dipped organic dried fruits: black mission figs with cayenne dusted over the rum-infused belgian dark chocolate and apricots with crushed pistachios and ceylon cinnamon. One of each per couple that attended. I didn’t bake!! LOL… my hubby said I am too sneaky for my own good… all out of love, though, right?!

Second gift worthy goodness: I made this for a bestie for a dinner outing we were having… she enjoyed it and so I made it again for a intown guest who has an avocado every morning for her breakfast… she loved it, too! And, of course, I set aside some for me… mmmeeee happppyyyy!
2013-04-12 16.36.49

TADA! my raw, avocado carob pudding sweetened only by soaked dates topped with a berry soaked chia seeds, sliced bananas, and soaked/dehydrated walnut. Sooo decadent and yet a perfect way to start the day– I call this MY BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!!

Easy to make!
1 large avocado, 3/4-1 cup raw carob or cacao powder, 3/4 cup of soaked dates with water just enough to cover them, pinch of cinnamon, and dash of Himalayan salt– throw in food processor until smooooooooooth. Have bit of water or date soaked water on hand in case it is too thick. If the dates are not sweet enough, you can add stevia or agave or other sweetener of choice to taste! You may end up eating a lot of it, so make some extra!!!  Personally, I prefer to use whole food sweeteners like dates or bananas. or local honey… etc because it is honestly better for our body than an extracted sweetener.

Also, if you use raw cacao, I recommend adding superfruit powders lucuma and/or mesquite (teaspoon of each) — it makes the flavor profile even more decadent and rich!

Soak chia seeds in a berry puree or organic juices of berries and make sure it is thick and not too runny.. also great for making parfaits or to fix a nagging sweet tooth. The omegas and fiber in them will help combat cravings. Not too hard, right?! ENJOY THIS!!  You may end up eating most of it before it gets assembled into something pretty as pictured… haha –chef’s perogative, I say!

After all, as good can something can be, it is so much better when the delights are shared!


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