Recycling kookoo head

a funny reminder to go as green as possible--eat more plants and recycle more

a funny reminder to go as green as possible–eat more plants and recycle more

I realized I was a RECYCLING KOOKOO HEAD when I noticed normal grocery purchases are more and more often motivated by how gift-worthy and reusable the container it comes can be…

So, I mention this to my husby…and he gives me a look like, “uh, duh… yea, you are.” Hmm-FINE!… I am happy to be kookoo about this, although I am letting myself be a bit more lax and not actually taking every item to recycling centers myself. LOL!

So, all this to say… I had some bottles from other probiotic drinks I bought–including Kevita (which I love) so I made a new flavored batch of Kombucha today… my “C-Spike” brew … I loved the last one. It was so bubbly and refreshing…and the little bubbles just kept effervescing gently to maintain the nice carbonated boost without running over. It was as perfect a brew as I have had store-bought or home-spun. I wondered if it had to do with the bottles–I used BPA-free plastic ones or the actual ratio of freshly-pressed citrus juices and ginger pulp. This time, I used both glass and plastic as an experiment (plus, it was all I had for recyclables… SO MY GIFTING GOT LIMITED BY MY LIMITED STASH OF RECYCLABLES!!!! ARGH!!!)

So anyway, the point of this is to offer a few great links to how to make your own Kombucha…and to encourage others to be recycling kookoos, too! 🙂

My fav is this link to a gal’s thriving scobies… she taught me how to make my own and she makes wonderful and unique batches found in select health-food grocers:

and here’s a new article I just saw that inspired me to get my bottles filled today!


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