Introducing CHEEKY ‘lil MONKEYS!

I guarantee these are one of a kind… how do I know?
2013-04-14 17.57.23

These little bites are supposed to be a melding of my husband’s and my unique likes and tastes merged into unique oneness–yes, in a cookie thingie… LOL!
2013-05-28 17.46.48

Don’t ask me why, but my husby calls me Cheeky ‘lil Monkey, so I figured that name would be most appropriate as it also suggests some of the ingredients in the morsel of low-glycemic goodness 🙂 I will say that the majority of sweetening comes from the fruity middle and erythritol, so not too sugar spikey at all! The mini choc-chips (from Enjoy Life) do have sugar in them, though…

This was the first time making it since the inspiration was hatched while on an overnight film shoot together…
Me: I want to make a treat to share with everyone on set that’s like us.
Jon: What?
Me: I’m going to call it Cheeky ‘lil Monkeys.
Jon: Okay– you have to put a secret ingredient that makes people wonder what’s in it.
Me: Got it…yes!

Two days later…the shape and ingredients were hatched in my noggin’ …and it came together this afternoon in between cooking other dishes. 🙂 Gotta make the most of my time in the kitchen–multitasking makes me feel that baking is a productive endeavor…and thereby so gratifying!! 🙂

How would I describe it?
… ‘lil crumbly cookies married by a rummy middle melding together a flavor palate to ponder. Yes, that’s exactly it! It is, of course, vegan and gluten-free. My only critique–I want to come up with a way to make it less crumbly and a bit more chewy, but then again, the delicateness of the shortbread-like texture makes it more distinctive to me somehow… OH… and there’s even sea kelp!! You cannot taste it, but the goodness is there! yeay!

Feel free to guess at the other “secret” ingredients!
muahahahhahaaaaa! 🙂


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