BAD BAD–being so deliciously BAD

2013-06-12 09.58.41


So, my husby needed to take something to a late night work session that would last for hours and hours… so I figured I had an hour to whip up something. I took stock of what my pantry held and what needed to get used, so to speak and whipped up this concoction. I didn’t even know how it would turn out but OMG.

I put it in an 8×8 glass baking pan lined with aluminum foil, dusted with cocoa powder and shredded coconut as the non-stick buffer and poured in the gooey batter. What popped out of the oven was piping out and oh, so pudding-like in lusciousness. I did not have time to let it cool, so I put the whole thing into a square traveling to go container and packed spoons for everyone just dig in and by all reports, dig in they did…. but these peeps were so thoughtful, they saved an untouched corner for me to share in the ultra badness… I could not stop eating it. I was only stopped by the happy thought of my neighbor and my mom getting to nosh on it, too… my word… I cut 5 pieces for my mom and she inhaled them. And she does not even like coconut! …evidently she does now because she said the chewy coconut sliver-chips made it addicting… I was thrilled!

I digress. Here’s the recipe as best as I can remember from the quick whipping up of it all…! lol


1 1/2 cup all purpose GF flour .. make sure it includes rice and tapioca for the chewiness it provides
3/4 cup palm sugar ( I should have only put 1/2 cup or less b/c the vegan choc chunks already have sugar)
1 cup chocolate chunks (I use Enjoy Life b/c it’s vegan and has no soy to be mindful of legume allergy folks)
2 tablespoons flax egg in warm sunflower mylk (1/4 cup of the mylk warmed)
few dashes of Himalayan pink salt
dashes of freshly milled cinnamon
dashes of white pepper
splash of rum
(used Kraken b/c it’s not top shelf so my husby wouldn’t be mad!! I don’t dare touch his 18 or 21-yr aged rums)
1/2 cup coconut chips (I have Nutiva)
1/3 cup warmed coconut oil
drip of vanilla extract
cocoa powder and shredded coconut to dust pan

sift together all dry ingredients
mix up all wet ingredients and combine both sets of ingredients
add chocolate chunks last
put into pan and bake
375 at 23 minutes and let cool if you have the time…
if served warm, this would make an amazing a la mode dessert base.

I had a whole weekend of bad chocolate-needy-ness… I had a dinner made out of just vegan GF smores… not my best eating weekend, but I let loose and I refuse to feel guilty. I was dizzy all night and had major sugar coma. I zonked out on the coach for hours and was dingy the next morning, so I had my unavoidable regrets, but I embrace my mistake of eating a bit too many portions and must remember not to do so next time. I felt sooo awful from my sugar crash, it was a very strong ‘minder… trust me. SO, enjoy this dessert, but in moderation, PLEASE!!!
or– replace the sugars with erythritol if you must.

If you want good gluten free, kosher (not vegan) marshmallows, I recommend Elyson brand pictured here:2013-06-17 17.35.02
I know, I know– there are Vegan options avail–aren’t those dancing marshmallows so annoyingly cute!?

Here’s my ‘smores din din which made me ding ding… *sigh.

2013-06-15 21.07.39

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