my kind of HAPPY MEDIUM

PERFECT PICTURE… a treat and a healthy (tr)eat!
Yes.. this is a version of my amazeballs :

See how I like to balance things out? LOL… it’s my happy medium, so to speak!
This one, however, has sucanat and cane sugar in the hard chocolate candies I used for the big ol’ eyeballs, so it’s not for sugar-watchers, but they sure were fun to make!!! I could not help but BUST looking at the happy faces smile at me… AND HAPPY FACES THEY DID CREATE as they were given to birthday party peeps 🙂 They are still gluten-free, high protein, and high fiber deliciousness!!!!

Then later in the day, I put together my first sprouted bean salad toss. Over 48 hours, I rinsed, drained, washed, drained, picked through, and finally sprouted amaranth and mung beans and chopped up other raw goodies to make a super power salad.

Here’s what went in the sprouted salad:
chopped avocado, persian cucumbers, red pepper, celery, parsley, gala apple, hemp seeds, sprouted/dehydrated sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, Udo’s oil, Himalayan salt, black pepper, and lots of lemon squeezes… tossed, tasted, adjusted, and delightedly devoured!

This what makes up the happiest of days… being busy enough to want a breather which I take by tootling in the kitchen to come up with something to spread smiles…and then make sure I keep my insides smiling, too…with nature’s tastiest, nutrient rich, and delightful treats!

Aren’t theses photos just so much fun!!! ?! HEALTHY MAKES HAPPY I SAY! AND I LLOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HAPPY-MAKING!


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