How it happened:
Hubby’s birthday… his hall pass out with pals all night at members only rum bar… needed a homemade party favor to suit the occasion…
TADA…these rum connoisseur friendly rum balls were concocted~


3 cups dried , pitted, organic dates (2 cups coarsely chopped Deglet/ 1 cup Halawy)
3 shot glasses of rum (Zaya and 151 proof Cruzan)
3 teaspoon vanilla bean paste/extract
¾ cup raw Brazil nuts
2 cup raw cashews
2 cups desiccated coconut (plus more to roll in)
2 oz raw cocoa butter
3 dashes cardamom; 2 dashes Korintje cinnamon
Freshly grated Himalayan pink salt



1- chop up dates, making sure all seeds are removed, and drizzle rums to soak in for a couple hours
2- put nuts into food processor until well mixed… not too finely chopped…a fine/coarse chop
3- allow cocoa butter so melt gently in double boiler
4- mix dates, nuts, vanilla, …pulse in portions or altogether if processor is large enough. Add Coconut shreds 1 and ¼ cup at end and mix thoroughly. Finally, drizzle the cocoa butter and get ready to roll!
5-you can use remainder of coconut shreds to coat — really use hands to press ball tightly with coconut or simply roll around in bowl for lighter coating. In my original recipe, I used purchased white chocolate chai shards (from a hot cocoa mix by a artisan tea company) to incorporate into the coating to emphasize the spice in the balls, but this was the ingredient that had refined sugar in it. Next time I will not add it to remove all processed ingredients.
6- if you use a heaping tablespoon for each ball to roll, you should end up with about 45 balls.
7-allow to set in a fridge for an hour… and enjoy for up to a week if your ingredients are farmer market fresh! These will also freeze well to enjoy defrosted later.. 

note: Not having a typical dark chocolate tone in these rum balls makes the date flavor really sing and the quality of the rum choice shine through. But if your dates aren’t are full of flavor and moist, feel free to use cacao or carob powder to add a fullness of flavor or a raw dark chocolate butter melted and drizzled. It will still be delightful!

party favor at the party! yeay!

party favor at the party! yeay!

Happy 30-something birthday to my husband!