This is a biggie week!

Boxes guard my doorway...great icy cold preservation of these priceless juice gems!

Boxes guard my doorway…great icy cold preservation of these priceless juice gems!

Our SUJA 3 day juice cleanse has arrived so we will begin on Saturday and go through Tuesday morning! That means getting my body more ready to release all that it wants to mop up and discard.

wpid-20150305_183849.jpgI opted for the more advanced Core Fresh Start series and my hubster is a newbie to juice cleansing, so he got their more fruit-oriented Original Fresh Start series. Doing this together is a big deal for us. Honestly, I never thought he would do this! I am so proud and elated at this together-venture! … and the 3rd box is for a fellow juice faster ūüôā !

BTW–If you want to get recipes for juicing, feel free to go to Marching to a Newness Fast that was a 30-day log of a juice cleanse to help my body heal itself from a myriad of maladies.

DAY 1: PREPPING FOR JUICING BY GOING VEG! … cutting back on more stuff to ease my body into the juice detox that is coming up this week… no more meats of any kind and cutting back on carbs, too. ¬†I am also practicing asking myself if I am really hungry before I munch on something and it’s harder than you might think to be honest and admit that I am not and then ever harder to not eat when I crave the crunch of something! ¬†So, I am upping my smoothie intake… Here’s a very delish one that sustained me for hours midday between appointments:



1/2 cup of soaked chia in water and cinnamon; 1/3 cup of non-dairy milk of choice

3/4 banana

1/4 cup of buckwheat groats or steel cut oats

tablespoon each of maca, ashwaganda, and tulsi powders

6 dates soaked and then made into ice cubes

dashes of more cinnamon; sprinkle of nutmeg and turmeric

1/3 cup¬†of spinach or greens of your choice (or omit if you don’t want them)

Tablespoon of raw cacao nibs



BLEND UP AND ENJOY.. should be rather thick, but comfortably sippable through a straw.  Since I have gotten used to having unsweet foods, this was plenty rich and sweet enough for me.. even the typically bitter cacao nibs had a tinge of savory sweet that was very satisfying!


DAY 2: KITCHEN CLEAN UP DUTY! ¬†Spent hours today prepping foods to finish off or prep for added juicing during the SUJA juice fast. ¬†Made a super satisfying soup of spinach and baby broccoli in a base of homemade organic Turkey broth frozen since Thanksgiving… omigosh… it was rich and creamy without potatoes or cream! ¬†amazing! ¬†I love how simple foods become literally so alive while eating this “clean.” ¬†Garlic, onion, jalapeno smidge, in olive oil and salted to taste. Nature is just divine!~ ¬†I do admit, the savory turkey broth (simmered for 12 hours) set a good foundation for this smooth soup.

DAY 3 : PRE-FAST MEAL: gotta go read my yelp review on this amaazzzzzzzing organic restaurant in the center of Hollywood, CA!!!


wpid-2015-03-08-16.24.27.jpg.jpegDAY 4: DAY ONE OF JUICE FASTING: ¬†Took a hike with #rockytherescue to prayerfully start the fast with the correct fuel…the intangibles that make life truly full of living! Because I have juice fasted before, I know that 6 bottles of juice is NOT enough for me and certainly not enough for my husband, so I spent half of my Sunday making 3 extra juices to have today and the next 2… including a replica of Suja’s final dessert drink, but I added soaked chias and Italian almonds in with the coconut meat, cinnamon, nutmeg, sprouted rice milk, and ginger. ¬†This way we both had a couple extra bottles to just grab and go as we start a work day tomorrow. ¬†I even made 4 little shots of something I calling “think again shooter” … when desperate to eat, down this little bitter tart citrus and light green drink and be too puckered to want more~! LOL

DAY 5: DAY TWO of JUICE FASTING… packed up my hubby’s liquids for the day and went for a yoga workout to intentionally still my body and connect with the true breath of life… I am enjoying the freedom from eating and chewing and taking every tendency to think of eating as a way to refocus on what deeper matters I have real hunger for and finding peace before my God in quiet meditation and prayer. ¬†I relish the quietude that is feeding more than any edible food can. ¬†And then I see a bestie’s sharing online that is super poignant and perfect for this day! ¬† Too True: “busy IS a sickness” …


DAY 6: LAST JUICING DAY! ¬†I treated myself today and bought a freshly cold-pressed juice at a nearby juicery to get extra ginger kicked in to keep my digestive system onpointe. ¬†I found myself kinda sad that my juice fast was ending because I do enjoy the freedom from my tendency to eat too much at the drop of a hat…the habitual crutch of chewing to gloss over stress or other inner pressing matters. ¬† So, I took this sadness and turned it into a moment to acknowledge the accomplishment it is–that I have a clean slate to work from to continue my unprocessed food fast and mindfully take a pulse on my entire being before plowing in to my pantry. ¬†I can be proud of myself! ¬†Yea!

DAY 7: MY MOLAR, OH MY~ ¬†Had a great root canal performed by a specialist in his field (and an old friend I got reconnected with because of my ouchy tooth!)… ¬†Painless procedure, but my jaw is a bit sore…so I am thankful that it is something helping me phase in post-juice-fast foods… soups and smoothies and avocados before I get back to full meals. ¬†All things do work together for my good… I am so blessed! ¬†And check out this cool list of things to do besides eating! ¬†This is worth making the button to a great week…! ¬†do-besides-eat