WEEK ONE OF FAST FROM PROCESSED FOODS.-making just 1 observation a day.

DAY 1 – SHOPPED TO RESTOCK KITCHEN WITH BETTER CHOICES.  It’s become such habit to reach for those baked “healthier” chips and such, but they still have added sweeteners and such even though they are whole grain, not-fried, and not as bad across the board.  Still, if there is added sweeteners, I want to know about it and avoid it.  Lots of raw kale chips fill my cart as well as fermented probiotic drinks from various kombucha lines..and of course, organic produce.  After Lenten season service, hubby and I go to have italian style pizza as the last hoorah before I buckle down… order came out wrong and way too salty for some reason ;/ …guess I shouldn’t have.

DAY 2– OOPSIE! Right after I post my Fast guidelines, i tear into a bag of raw kale chips and think on how extra crunchy it is.  Lo and behold, this flavor has added coconut crystals.. dang.  Their other flavors don’t.  Goes to show me that i have to read every label and not presume that health-food raw snacks aren’t dosed with the extra-stuff I am working on avoiding.

DAY 3– REALLY GOT CRAVINGS TODAY… not necessarily for flavors, but for the action of chewing and crunching that I just enjoy as a pastime.   I allow myself a 1/2 bag of raw kale chips without any sweeteners and all whole food ingredients only and then dried digs and chocolate nibs, too…  Almost added honey in to my chai tea latte made at home with variety of herbs and such, but opted to just allow the goat milk to sweeten it.  It is sweet enough.  Milk has a sweet index of 15 out of a 100, which is where refined sugar is placed.   I keep wanting to just snack and chew.  Combating that with prayerful quiet and breathing times.

DAY 4 – I CAUGHT MYSELF reaching for chips at a sports event. Recoiled at how mindlessly I grabbed at something without thinking just because it was available. I am such an endless, often indiscriminate grubber! Enjoyed a full cup of#healthyfat in guacamole by the spoon instead and was fully snack-isfied!!! Really hating how hard it is to avoid processed edibles with additives and preservatives. A nice big, veggie-based Korean dinner followed. Nice, but wished the meats were organic so I could consider eating them. ;/ #farmersmarkets rock!

DAY 5 – EATING CHINESE proved to be easier than expected as friends ate desserts and animal flesh all around me.   Yay!  But, boo to that fact that a simple Eggplant sautee and veggie sitrfry was so unsatiating because the flavors it was seasoned with made me want more food so I kept eating even after I got back home…until I indulged my body with a super large arugula, almond, cucumber, and date salad… ahhh… now I am done.  The more simpler I eat, the better I can control my munchies…

DAY 6 – Hooray, I don’t need mayo for my egg salad!!! Instead of mayo… even the healthier options have sweeteners… I used olive oil and ripe avocado..and it was deliciously different!



5 hard-boiled organic, free-range eggs sliced

1/3 large ripe avocado

4 tablespoons of cold-pressed virgin olive oil

handful  of seeds (mustard, sprouted and dehydrated pumpkin, sunflower…your choice)

1/2 cup of finely sliced/diced celerywpid-20150223_074503.jpg

1/4 cup of fresh herb chopped (cilantro or parsley work great!)

3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast

2 tablespoons of this awesome mix of organic seasonings from Whole Foods

freshly ground pepper to taste

wpid-20150223_091138.jpg(you can add honey if you want/need… but I did not since I am avoiding sweeteners)

DIRECTIONS: Mix up all the ingredients and add more olive oil or avo as needed for creaminess preference.  Best enjoyed immediately.

Label alert…. read what’s in the “healthier mayos.”

These simple Ingredients proved their worth as a great substitution — rather tasty, but less addictive!  I surprised myself with just how much since I really do love grapeseed oil Vegenaise for typical use. Honestly, when I use mayonaise, I find it hard to portion my foods and end up gobbling up all of the creamy dish!

DAY 7 – It’s imperative to have pre-made snacks and mini meals on the go to successfully combat the convenience of processed foods in ready supply everywhere!

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