Goodbye and good riddance

Goodbye and good riddance

Yes, that’s Cheez Whiz… more on that later…. 🙂

My recurring thought toward the end of this Lenten Unprocessed Food Fast is that I AM HAPPY SAYING NO!

It was easier for me to turn down all kinds of kind offers for food that I don’t really want or even foods that I do, but know that they are not on my guidelines for my unprocessed food-fast. Certainly, I admit, my parameters on this fast was been hard to understand because I am not excluding one thing, like bread, for example, but excluding anything that has been unidentifiably altered in substance or through additives from the source of the food. (i.e. I welcome corn kernels, but not corn chips, unless they were freshly ground and made myself by putting onto flat dehydrator sheets.)

The food industry with shelf-stable taste-addictive offerings has lost its moderate hold on me during this mindful practice… and I am blessed.

Don’t get me wrong,I have to stay vigilant while allowing myself the enjoyment of living and eating the fatness of the earth, but knowing how much our living planet has lost and been sacrificed in the name of our voracious appetites makes it just a bit easier when conscious compassion rises up.

What hit me this week… that the deeper issues usually covered up by addictive foods (i.e. my crutches) are making themselves quite known.

All my childhood life this was the one thing I could do that would bring verbal recognition from my parents… that their daughter eats a lot and often out-eats anyone at the table.  I did that for most of my life and only escaped obesity by a fluke of metabolic blessing… but as I have been told, my digestive system is run down and sluggish and my intestinal track rather unresponsive.  So, I pay the price for a lifetime of gluttony in more unseen, but no less heavy ways.


In accepting a gracious hosts’ invite to dine at their home with a course meal designed for those not fresh off a juice cleanse, my hubby and I attended because we were promised my food concerns and mindfulness efforts would be accommodated with plenty of vegetables.  Well, I am proud to say I successful and as gracefully as possible declined the wine and dessert and the first course with crackers that undoubtedly had some processing involved, I still did inhale my entire extra-large portion of an organic young land animal (let me leave it at that.)  It was mild, tender, and delicious, but I really could and should have brought home half of my serving.  The only veggies in sight were in the sauce that served as a base alongside risotto.  I served myself extra of the stewy veggies.  I was beyond stuffed after the stark contrast of luscious juices I thrived upon for several days prior.  wow… What I learned: that everyone has a different interpretation of food in general and “plenty of veggies” in particular… and I have (and continue to have) a hard time saying no to too much food. *sigh.  I popped some digestive enzymes and focused on how grateful I was to have enjoyed such rich foods with such generous hosts and wonderful couples.  Lesson revisited so that I can stay mindful that this is an ongoing process of learning and continued mindful modification on what I allow to fuel me.

Just a week later… minor, yet MAJOR VICTORY!!!

I realized how far I have come in building a practice of allowing only whole food choices to cross the hand to mouth boundary when I thought and then said, ” I don’t think I want to go back.”  To what? …eating desserts indiscriminately and then devouring whatever else was nearby because I was just sugar-triggered to be ravenous. …eating when I wasn’t particularly in the mood or had the appetite to but did anyway because it was just something to do to pass the time or socialize … eating what was made for me by the food industry giants to get me hooked to want more and more…and way too much more.  Be gone the ways of gorging. I am happy to have the pleasant feeling of being satisfied… Yet, I know this is a moment to moment–day to day lifestyle, but after almost 40 days, my palate has adjusted and I love it.  I have not missed sugar and greasy fats as much as I feared I would. Hallelujah–there is freedom in that! 🙂

And there’s some larger movement parallel to my personal one… goodbye Cheez Whiz!

Read the full article here! http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2015/03/29/395809212/cheez-whiz-helped-spread-processed-foods-will-it-be-squeezed-out

And HELLO to a conscious caring for our world…

If you don’t know about this company, you should… it’s the first certified humane dairy farm in the US!  wpid-20150330_100329.jpg

I love goat cheese and moderate-fat goat milk…but I have tried many brands of plain goat-gurt and RedWood Hill Farm has the tastiest and creamiest of them all.  Now I know why.  They treat their land and animals with care! http://www.redwoodhill.com/goat-yogurt/

Marching toward Passover/Resurrection Sunday… and recipes to share abound!

I was wondering about what this label means...glad my fast prodded me to find out more!

I was wondering about what this label means…glad my fast prodded me to find out more!

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