6. GRITTY DAY-TO-DAY TO-DOs with JOY! Resurrection Every Day!~

Cycles of life, death, and resurrection are ever-present in me and in all life. And in this I celebrate by giving fully of all of me while surrendering totally to the process designed by the One who made me and all of what we see and don’t. I have unwittingly come to know fear quite well and what it takes to face it and choose to trust that my fallings are not failings. Furthermore, I have come to know and trust and choose faith–that in My Abba Father’s hands and plans, my lows are prophetic toward the highs coming based on perseverent pursuits of the promises of goodness and triumph secured by Christ’s completed mission He has given to me continue. And so I shall, empowered by a greater love and life than I could with within me alone. It’s not a simple pat of “do it afraid”… to me, it’s more a matter of being more certain of the why I must rise again and again and in the process fear will flee from me.

Jesus’ complete mission, you ask? It’s his Resurrection Power I get to make real — something I meditate to take in as my own daily. In reflecting upon the magnitude of the eternity-changing-reality. my knees buckle with joy. It’s true. In the secret places I get to hang out with El Elyon The most High G-D, I am not only stilled silent, but sometimes get a giddy feel-good grace that effervesces throughly (not thorougly, but throughly.) I have grown to recognize that my trials and crises have not molded and defined me. Rather, in laying wide open to God’s guidance through the wilderness, His ever-present being and implanted identity in me through the seed of Christ has made me like Jesus and more like him in time and by joint intentionality.

Many have asked me why I just didn’t get “rid of the “problem” and use radiation or surgery. It was often not worth answering because no one knows clearer than the One who made me what the most urgent, life-threatening, or worst problem was in my life that a cancer diagnosis may just by sounding alarms to bring attention to. Besides, G-D is the best surgeon and I believed that He could resolve and/or remove any “problem” and leave the adjoining, healthy life to thrive. Only He could best divide as finely as between soul and spirit as well as between bone and marrow (Hebrews 4:12) and it is in that fine of a wisdom and discernment I wanted to rest to be restored. All in His Time. And I’m blessed to believe and receive the intangible and then palpable Spirit-kissed Resurrection this day and every day. And now, a present-look at a part of my healing journey not too far past.

When many of us get a diagnosis of some unwanted kind, like cancer, most of us, me, included, wanted an action plan to tackle and take down the offender. While I share in this blog entry the entirety of my bullet points of what I did on a day to day basis and how it changed every few weeks or months, it is not a whole picture, so it one that can be informative or paralyzing. It really depends on where you are at in helping yourself or a loved one heal… The most important thing I learned is to get grounded within and quiet enough to really hear. For me, I needed to hear the quiet leading of my God through it all and sometimes I did and other times my humanness in its fallibility and desperation overruled that essential and often elusive place and position of being God’s beloved one held in Shalom. Sometimes that uphill climb to the mountaintop is a long, windy one, but one step at a time, right? I hope the document included in this post offers some help to your healing. Thank God for grace; I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS!

The goal in the first wave of self-administered therapies and radical changes was to make cancer cells commit suicide (apoptosis) and reset the landscape of my entire body to make it hospitable for proper life to be able to grow and flourish making it uninhabitable for confused and unhealthy versions of cells.

The attached .PDF document gives you just the bare bones of the all-out war against and for the two sides of life in my physical body. It is a lot to take in as it was a lot to do, but the deeper, necessary work did not come until I realized it would not be by my striving or force of will through which I would heal, but accepting the process by which I must journey to allow what is good and only good to remain. Much of the early steps outlined that I took were superficial in that light, but necessary to begin the growth and self-maturation process with gusto and drive. With great determination comes greater disappointments…and the deepest reckonings necessary to progress. This journey…particularly fraught by this reality in its beginnings.

So, back to some nuts and bolts. You know now that a water fast was my 1st drastic decision, then going totally vegan, gluten-free, and eating only whole foods I could recognize from the good soil of our Earth… and then came a RAW FOOD only month to detox and reset my body even more. That was challenging, delicious, hellish, isolating, yet empowering… but since much of this journey is deliberate and by fully conscious choosing, setting up a reward system is quite valuable. I got child-like about it and was good to myself … I gave myself a happy-face each night for a day of raw food only eating. It made me feel good to see all the smiles as I stood strong each day knowing I was doing my body good. I still love seeing this pasted on the interior of a kitchen cabinet door.

I caution you, though, not to just study this attached document and replicate parts of it in a vacuum. There is no formula and a healing process is so personal, it is as inextricable as the very breath of God given each of us. So, as you peruse the .PDF document, you will find some added journaling to mark the milestone moments along the way… MAKE SURE YOU NOTICE THAT CHANGES MADE EVERY FEW WEEKS AND MONTHS AS IT WAS DIRECTED BY WHAT I INTUITIVELY FELT I NEEDED OR SPECIFICALLY WAS TOLD MY BODY NEED PER MY BIOCHEMIST’S BODY SYSTEM READINGS. All the choices are to support life and naturally. Remember that our bodies are always changing and need to be addressed as a dynamic organism …and with great care!

After writing about a few more major big deal action items that I felt I needed to incorporate, I’ll begin to share why I went to a clinic in Mexico #HOPE4CANCERCANCUN to get holistic treatments and additional help… I committed to a larger facility for help even after some tests from a biochemist showed I no longer had malignancy readings on his tests. Lots of reasons for that.

Hope this nitty gritty daily list (of lists) of my round-the-clock healing regimens offers some direction and understanding that this approach of allowing one’s body to heal while disabled mechanisms that fuel chronic disease takes a willingness to change everything radically and never look back–no matter how long it takes.


MY UNPROCESSED FOOD FAST concludes, but the freeing lifestyles choices shall continue!

Here are some highlights!

Just sharing that I just made several batches of the best at home, raw, soaked, and dehydrated high-protein and healthy fat granola ever!!!  My previous post has the directions, so I will just list the ingredients in the various kinds I concocted and am sharing and enjoying immensely!!!

4 versions of RAW Granola...ROCKED IT!

4 versions of RAW Granola…ROCKED IT!



cannot go wrong with this one!

cannot go wrong with this one!


1 cup buckwheat groats soaked
1/2 cup raisins and handful of dates soaked (I have used Khadrawy dates from Bautista farms)
handful of walnuts soaked
1/2 cup of dried figs (variety of , but I love black mission)
1/4 sprouted, dehydrated pumpkin seeds
1/4 shredded and/or chips of raw coconut meat
1/8 cup of golden flax seeds
lots and lots of dashes of cinnamon (“sweetening” agent that regulates blood sugar)wpid-20150330_142445.jpg
couple dashes of Himalayan salt & dollop of vanilla bean paste
1/2 cup of sprouted, dehydrated almonds and 1 heaping tablespoons of raw, sprouted almond butter.

LOVE THIS ONE!! so complex and subtle flavors

LOVE THIS ONE!! so complex and subtle flavors

wpid-20150330_142508.jpgDIVINE DELICIOUSNESS VERSION-above, but don’t add almonds, I used this product I chanced upon with mulberries, macadamia. cashews and other great gems… and I added another tablespoon of raw cacao nibs, hemp seeds and nutty, trace mineral rich powder called mesquite. ¬†Try it! ¬†It complements the cacao blissfully! ¬†haha.. get it? ¬†Bliss Mix…


PEANUTTY VERSIONS -put in 1/4 cup of peanut butter, peanuts (instead of almonds and walnuts), ..and bit more salt to give a more satisfying taste and mouth feel for his heartier palate.) and then

MACA BERRY POPwpid-20150402_112552.jpg -do the peanutty version and then add maca powder while mixing ingredients and place freeze dried raspberries onto the batter after spreading the mixture onto your teflex sheets.

NANA LOVES CACAO¬†-back to the peanutty version, but instead of using dates, mix in mashed banana to sweeten. ¬†I would recommend at least one large, ripe banana so the flavor is present and not too subtle… Cacao nibs are great in this as well as the mesquite powder. ¬†I laid this down thick to make it in a brick-like granola for specific use in a yogurt.



Then I got into chia puddings… and am kinda hooked!¬†The two you here are my carob-date-naner and berry loving parfaits


wpid-20150328_211029.jpgChia seeds, preferably white, soaked in coconut cream with added cinnamon layered between sliced berries or between dates, nuts, and more banana… I also let the chia soak in carob powder as well as dates for the decadent “chocolate-y” version. Feel free to use real cacao powder and nibs for extra pow! ¬†Having the pudding around also makes a great thickening agent for your superfood smoothies!

Lastly, I love sprouted and dehydrated nuts. ¬†Nut butters from sprouted, then dehydrated nuts truly make my tummy and taste buds grin… ¬†My two fav almond butters for you to check out ūüôā


On a health food nerd note: ¬†please visit this site¬†for great information mesquite powder! ¬†It’s a great asset and delightful addition to my pantry…¬†http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/mesquite-powder-health-benefits-tips-and-recipes/

LIFE LIVED CONSCIOUSLY IS SO RICH WITH JOY! ¬†I DEFINITELY FEEL BETTER AND EVEN HAPPIER LIVING IN THE REALM OF WHOLE FOODS… It’s been a wonderful process getting into unprocessed foods… try it! ūüôā


Goodbye and good riddance

Goodbye and good riddance

Yes, that’s Cheez Whiz… more on that later…. ūüôā

My recurring thought toward the end of this Lenten Unprocessed Food Fast is that I AM HAPPY SAYING NO!

It was easier for me to turn down all kinds of kind offers for food that I don’t really want or even foods that I do, but know that they are not on my guidelines for my unprocessed food-fast. Certainly, I admit, my parameters on this fast was been hard to understand because I am not excluding one thing, like bread, for example, but excluding anything that has been unidentifiably altered in substance or through additives from the source of the food. (i.e. I welcome corn kernels, but not corn chips, unless they were freshly ground and made myself by putting onto flat dehydrator sheets.)

The food industry with shelf-stable taste-addictive offerings has lost its moderate hold on me during this mindful practice… and I am blessed.

Don’t get me wrong,I have to stay vigilant while allowing myself the enjoyment of living and eating the fatness of the earth, but knowing how much our living planet has lost and been sacrificed in the name of our voracious appetites makes it just a bit easier when conscious compassion rises up.

What hit me this week… that the deeper issues usually covered up by addictive foods (i.e. my crutches) are making themselves quite known.

All my childhood life this was the one thing I could do that would bring verbal recognition from my parents… that their daughter eats a lot and often out-eats anyone at the table. ¬†I did that for most of my life and only escaped obesity by a fluke of metabolic blessing… but as I have been told, my digestive system is run down and sluggish and my intestinal track rather unresponsive. ¬†So, I pay the price for a lifetime of gluttony in more unseen, but no less heavy ways.


In accepting a gracious hosts’ invite to dine at their home with a course meal designed for those not fresh off a juice cleanse, my hubby and I attended because we were promised my food concerns and mindfulness efforts would be accommodated with plenty of vegetables. ¬†Well, I am proud to say I successful and as gracefully as possible declined the wine and dessert and the first course with crackers that undoubtedly had some processing involved, I still did inhale my entire extra-large portion of an organic young land animal (let me leave it at that.) ¬†It was mild, tender, and delicious, but I really could and should have brought home half of my serving. ¬†The only veggies in sight were in the sauce that served as a base alongside risotto. ¬†I served myself extra of the stewy veggies. ¬†I was beyond stuffed after the stark contrast of luscious juices I thrived upon for several days prior. ¬†wow… What I learned: that everyone has a different interpretation of food in general and “plenty of veggies” in particular… and I have (and continue to have) a hard time saying no to too much food. *sigh. ¬†I popped some digestive enzymes and focused on how grateful I was to have enjoyed such rich foods with such generous hosts and wonderful couples. ¬†Lesson revisited so that I can stay mindful that this is an ongoing process of learning and continued mindful modification on what I allow to fuel me.

Just a week later… minor, yet MAJOR VICTORY!!!

I realized how far I have come in building a practice of allowing only whole food choices to cross the hand to mouth boundary when I thought and then said, ” I don’t think I want to go back.” ¬†To what? …eating desserts indiscriminately and then devouring whatever else was nearby because I was just sugar-triggered to be ravenous. …eating when I wasn’t particularly in the mood or had the appetite to but did anyway because it was just something to do to pass the time or socialize … eating what was made for me by the food industry giants to get me hooked to want more and more…and way too much more. ¬†Be gone the ways of gorging. I am happy to have the pleasant feeling of being satisfied… Yet, I know this is a moment to moment–day to day lifestyle, but after almost 40 days, my palate has adjusted and I love it. ¬†I have not missed sugar and greasy fats as much as I feared I would. Hallelujah–there is freedom in that! ūüôā

And there’s some larger movement parallel to my personal one… goodbye Cheez Whiz!

Read the full article here! http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2015/03/29/395809212/cheez-whiz-helped-spread-processed-foods-will-it-be-squeezed-out

And HELLO to a conscious caring for our world…

If you don’t know about this company, you should… it’s the first certified humane dairy farm in the US! ¬†wpid-20150330_100329.jpg

I love goat cheese and moderate-fat goat milk…but I have tried many brands of plain goat-gurt and RedWood Hill Farm has the tastiest and creamiest of them all. ¬†Now I know why. ¬†They treat their land and animals with care!¬†http://www.redwoodhill.com/goat-yogurt/

Marching toward Passover/Resurrection Sunday… and recipes to share abound!

I was wondering about what this label means...glad my fast prodded me to find out more!

I was wondering about what this label means…glad my fast prodded me to find out more!


WEEK ONE OF FAST FROM PROCESSED FOODS.-making just 1 observation a day.

DAY 1 –¬†SHOPPED TO RESTOCK KITCHEN WITH BETTER CHOICES. ¬†It’s become such habit to reach for those baked “healthier” chips and such, but they still have added sweeteners and such even though they are whole grain, not-fried, and not as bad across the board. ¬†Still, if there is added sweeteners, I want to know about it and avoid it. ¬†Lots of raw kale chips fill my cart as well as fermented probiotic drinks from various kombucha lines..and of course, organic produce. ¬†After Lenten season service, hubby and I go to have italian style pizza as the last hoorah before I buckle down… order came out wrong and way too salty for some reason ;/ …guess I shouldn’t have.

DAY 2–¬†OOPSIE! Right after I post my Fast guidelines, i tear into a bag of raw kale chips and think on how extra crunchy it is. ¬†Lo and behold, this flavor has added coconut crystals.. dang. ¬†Their other flavors don’t. ¬†Goes to show me that i have to read every label and not¬†presume that health-food raw snacks aren’t dosed with the extra-stuff I am working on avoiding.

DAY 3–¬†REALLY GOT CRAVINGS TODAY… not necessarily for flavors, but for the action of chewing and crunching that I just enjoy as a pastime. ¬† I allow myself a 1/2 bag of raw kale chips without any sweeteners and all whole food ingredients only and then dried digs and chocolate nibs, too… ¬†Almost added honey in to my chai tea latte made at home with variety of herbs and such, but opted to just allow the goat milk to sweeten it. ¬†It is sweet enough. ¬†Milk has a sweet index of 15 out of a 100, which is where refined sugar is placed. ¬† I keep wanting to just snack and chew. ¬†Combating that with prayerful quiet and breathing times.

DAY 4 – I CAUGHT MYSELF reaching for chips at a sports event. Recoiled at how mindlessly I grabbed at something without thinking just because it was available. I am such an endless, often indiscriminate grubber! Enjoyed a full cup of#healthyfat in guacamole by the spoon instead and was fully snack-isfied!!! Really hating how hard it is to avoid processed edibles with additives and preservatives. A nice big, veggie-based Korean dinner followed. Nice, but wished the meats were organic so I could consider eating them. ;/ #farmersmarkets rock!

DAY 5 – EATING CHINESE proved to be easier than expected as friends ate desserts and animal flesh all around me. ¬† Yay! ¬†But, boo to that fact that a simple Eggplant sautee and veggie sitrfry was so unsatiating because the flavors it was seasoned with made me want more food so I kept eating even after I got back home…until I indulged my body with a super large arugula, almond, cucumber, and date salad… ahhh… now I am done. ¬†The more simpler I eat, the better I can control my munchies…

DAY 6 – Hooray, I don’t need mayo for my egg salad!!!¬†Instead of mayo… even the healthier options have sweeteners… I used olive oil and ripe avocado..and it was deliciously different!



5 hard-boiled organic, free-range eggs sliced

1/3 large ripe avocado

4 tablespoons of cold-pressed virgin olive oil

handful ¬†of seeds (mustard, sprouted and dehydrated pumpkin, sunflower…your choice)

1/2 cup of finely sliced/diced celerywpid-20150223_074503.jpg

1/4 cup of fresh herb chopped (cilantro or parsley work great!)

3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast

2 tablespoons of this awesome mix of organic seasonings from Whole Foods

freshly ground pepper to taste

wpid-20150223_091138.jpg(you can add honey if you want/need… but I did not since I am avoiding sweeteners)

DIRECTIONS: Mix up all the ingredients and add more olive oil or avo as needed for creaminess preference.  Best enjoyed immediately.

Label alert…. read what’s in the “healthier mayos.”

These simple Ingredients proved their worth as a great substitution —¬†rather tasty, but less addictive! ¬†I surprised myself with just how much since I really do love grapeseed oil Vegenaise for typical use. Honestly, when I use mayonaise, I find it hard to portion my foods and end up gobbling up all of the creamy dish!

DAY 7 – It’s imperative to have pre-made snacks and mini meals on the go to successfully combat the convenience of processed foods in ready supply everywhere!

An Artful Fast…


‚ÄúTo eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Fran√ßois de La Rochefoucauld

This is worth saying again… dwelling upon.

Entering the Lunar New Year and this Lenten season, I choose to walk out this incredibly potent period of confluence with mindfulness and making deliberate choices. This is not the typical fast for me where I hardline what I can and will not have, but rather, it will be one of allowances and finesse.


Well, I am choosing to practice artful eating by opting for real foods that have not been touched by man’s “food” conveniences. Yes. I will get to see how deeply reliant I am on commercialized, processed, and pre-packaged foods and examine the effects of the food industry’s agenda upon mine.

Do you know just how powerful the 1 trillion dollar food industry may be in its impact on you and your wellness? Well, I will have you ponder upon the startling statistic that the effects of our food choices have resulted 1.4 trillion dollars spent on health issues caused by the foods we eat. Consider who is truly ruling your eating choices–you or a monstrous power parading about through low-fat, tastier, addictive, sugar/preservative/toxic-laden consumables? Does most of what is on the average grocery shelf really classify “food” nowadays?

Before I get myself too worked up… I am simply saying I am planning to consciously fight the numbing ease of commercialized, convenient consumables by weighing such costs and get myself into a better practice by opting for recognizably real food…food closer to the earth from which it was grown. There are so many larger forces at play and I refuse to be bullied about by them… as much as I am able to make a difference in at least my life (and hopefully my husband’s and dog’s.) It may not be easy, but I will be made more aware and freed by the effort itself.

In case you want to join me… these are my guidelines:
1- prefer plant-based meals–organic and local whenever possible
2- food should be recognizable from the source it is from… (that means most breads are off the table, unless they with sprouted grains, with no sugars added, and full of fiber. Raw breads would be ideal.) Deep fried foods are not worth choosing to eat. Re-think fast food! Go for an apple, instead of a snack bar.
3- no additives or sweeteners unless from whole food source like dates (stevia if already in a vegan protein, for example, is permissible.) Sea Salt in moderation is good.
4- when eating animal flesh, or any animal-sourced food (yogurt, eggs, milk) inquire into and eat only organic, free-range, sustainably wild-caught options. Did you know vegans “save” 100 animals each year?
5- if eating out, always ask for organic options in produce and protein choices…and even ask about making the dishes without added sugars and especially the neurotoxin MSG. Prefer olive oil & vinegar as a dressing.
6- only use canned legumes and soup stocks if BPA-free, but prefer bulk bin shopping
7- explore the gorgeous array of edibles offered through creation and remember that the better I acknowledge and appreciate all living creatures, I will be that much more deeply nourished and part of more mindfully stewarding all life sharing this planet.
8- always read the labels and learn the other names of additives, sweeteners, preservatives…
9- stay grateful that I can make such choices.

Why this type of fast? … mostly for the practice of walking my faith step by step acknowledging the wisdom of my Creator in the most simple act of eating intelligently…consuming spiritual, soulful, and physical sustenance in a way most responsibly, expecting to be a blessing and be blessed along the way. Liberation comes from discipline and how wonderful it shall be to walk out this freeing season in newness!

Join me if you would like… and share your journey with me.

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”
-3 John 1:2 KJV



Want just a quick reset to get your mind and gut primed to take in more nutritents AND desire more nutritionally dense foods after letting yourself “go” for a while…like me?

After 5+ weeks on location for a film shoot and eating only healthful, GF, no sugar, highly nutritious foods–mostly organic and vegan, with the occasional wild-caught low mercury fish, I treated myself to a month+ of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Not really a treat since I felt icky during and after the eating soirees… the cravings got the best of me where I didn’t really want what I was eating as much as I just wanted to eat… the culprit? Sugar… Yup. For me, sugar–the awful refined white addictive sweetener that open the watershed of cravings in a mighty scary fashion. Tired of my munchie self, I had one full day of just wonderfully health-giving juices from Kreation Juicery.. I LOVED IT!!! DELICIOUSNESS!!!
inside my fridge Just their basic level 1 was enough to get my taste buds wanting the good-for-me stuff.. I just wanted more juice…and it reminded me of when I went for a 30-day cleanse and how I was truly satisfied with the sheer nutrition experience.


So, lots of teas, one infrared session, fresh coconut water (flesh saved for tomorrow), 6 juices with 2 boosted waters, a homebrewed kombucha with chia imbibed, and a hot salt bath to cap off my chilly day, I am looking forward to a leaner, meaner, more satisfying tomorrow(s)~! Happy me…happy feet– yes, those a little pink rubber shoes!!! LOL… kinda represents how I am feeling right now… cheerful, lighter, and whimsical. (and they were only 3 dollars in Chinatown, LA). FUN! I am doing a little jig– hee hee… can you see me?! ūüôā


so… one point of great success from my juicing month is my lowered need for sweetness in what I eat and drink. I have not used my typical to-go stevia and agave options in anything I made for myself since breaking my fast!

But I do allow myself soaked dates for that touch of natural sweetness balanced by earthy glory. Here’s how to have them ready to go for whenever your smoothies, recipes, or your palate calls for them!2013-04-04 09.28.49

TA-DA DATE-ICE-CUBES! Soak your dates (so many different kinds to choose from!) for a couple days in the fridge and allow the natural sugars to release into the water. Delish! and then put them into your ice cube tray of choice. I like silicone baby food maker trays because they are a nice size and the dates fit perfectly into each cube. Here’s the one I have: http://www.amazon.com/green-sprouts-Silicone-Freezer-Green/dp/B002F9MUM0

I have added them to my shakes, smoothies, and frozen nana-iced treats (ya know, frozen bananas made into pseudo frozen yogurt/ice-creams?) This past week, I made one with dates, Vega Chai protein, and sprinkled sprouted, dehydrated walnuts and cinnamon on top. It hit the mark in terms of my PMS-need to nosh… It was great and the protein was a good balance to all the natural sugars…

You will LOVE getting Date-d… I promise!