MARCHing to Newness FAST

This is a month-long journey to walk in faith– that my body has been created to be a beautiful self-healing mechanism–that the almighty Creator of all and dearest Abba to me keeps His promises–that I shall find the direction and answers I pursue with all my being!

A first adventure for me!  I have never done a 30+day juice fast!  It’s a bit daunting to be honest… I know myself and my excessive dependence on food all too well…!

All March long, I will be on fresh veggies and fruit juices only with some vegan protein powder supplementation and essential fatty acid oils as to not harm my healing processes.  Most juicing will be done by me at home, on-the-go with Max powders for emergency convenience, and a few days of ordered juices from local vendors.  Non-caffeinated teas and hot veggie broths will also be a help.  I expect to cleanse, reveal, undo, and rebuild innumerable facets of myself and my life.

Since I am new to blogging, this may or may not be a moment to moment, or even a day by day post, but as I am able!  Thank you for your interest and support!!!

God’s best and sweetest to you and me!


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