Personal Guideline for my Fast :)

juice and juicers at the ready!

juice and juicers at the ready!

Self-compassion frees you to care for others more truly and deeply!  This juice fast for Lent may be one of the best things I have ever done to prosper my soul in pursuit of a higher vision. I am expecting great, unspeakable blessings to transform my lifescape.  (~~I will be alternating between the options described below every other day when not on store-bought juice regimen.) I have a double auger slow juicer and a centrifugal one, too. One for better quality juice; one for convenience–good for emergencies (cravings!) 🙂 …just staying real & honest!!! LOL!

Prep 8am         hot water with fresh lemon  ~~or add cayenne, if desired                  Breakie 9am    Carrot with citrus (orange,lemon,grapefruit)  ~~or Any green drink        Boost 10am     MaxPowder Trio, Cod Liver Oil, B12 sublingual,finish w/ Kombucha swig Brunch 11am   Fruit base (apple or pear) with greens (kale, celery, any herb, spinach) w/ ground flax seeds & hp salt ~~or add Maca

Lunch 1pm      Root base of beets and its greens, ginger, and carrot                             Boost 3pm       Apple base, parsley, with spirulina  ~~or pineapple/lime as base option  Tea 5pm          Any decaffeinated tea with probiotic ~~or fresh coconut water            Dinner 7pm     Any green juice with chia seeds  ~~or add Hemp protein or similar   Dessert by 9   All veggie juice with cucumber, celery, basil. ~~or melon, cucumber, mint   Night needs     Powdered lysine, gaba sublingual. ~~or Melatonin tablet dissolved, if needed

Misc:PREP ALL JUICES with slow juicer BY THE NIGHT BEFORE! Emergency juices and some fruits can be done upon need. (For week focused on liver, take cranberry juice & apple cider & turmeric shot by the afternoon.)

NO= refined sugars or sweeteners of any kind, starches, animal flesh               YES!=liquid plant life of any kind…add basil, parsley, mint, cilantro anywhere!

DO=                                                                                                                                 =walk, breathe, exercise 2-3 times a week, infrared detoxing 2-3 times a week             =write everyday along with devotionals chosen                                                               =care for my body—moisturize face & body…and get a massage                                 =stay thankful, focused on God’s love and promises for me!

ON THE ROAD: =take MaxPowders, gallon of water, shaker bottle, Bible verses, packets of my protein, sublinguals.  Allow treat of something with chlorella, chloryphyll, fulvic acid, ginseng, wheatgrass, or aloe … as well as the knowledge that this is the best thing for me no matter what obstacles arise.

ON MY FAST TRACK TO FREEDOM!                                                                          Psalm 119:45 “I will walk in freedom for I seek thy precepts.”

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