c. not me.

Bus ride after clinic visit. Fatigued, but affirmed.

cancer. (small c) Today I publicly share and declare, I am free of its grip.  Not by conventional means.  This photo taken after my latest round of tests this week, you can see my battle worn and wearied face, but head held high seeing the fruits of faith and steady, and radical long-term action. 

I tackled #cancer using holistic means led by my faith in #Christ and to prove out my own belief that our bodies are miraculous and made to heal if given all it needs to do so. It was a very solo fight for the first year.  Then I decided a larger community to support my progress and seal my expectations of wellness would be best, so I crossed the border to #Mexico. And now that I am certain my carcinoma is under control per my Hope4Cancer #doctor …and in my estimation, regressing if not already totally repentant leaving me with just scar tissue, I am free to take down the larger giants that I have always known was the root cause of many of the maladies that reared their heads in the last decade.  I’ll share more soon about what type, the at-home steps, and radical life changes that I had to make to deepen and advance healing.

Root cause resolution has always been my focus and now my next steps because my #gift of cancer caused others to also consider the electrical injury that brought confusion to my body functions.  Cancer and other chronic, metabolic and inflammatory oriented diseases are most often whole-body related and not simply contained in one body part.

With the hard lessons I’ve learned, I am #blessed to be maintaining a cancer-conquering-life in mind, body, soul, and especially Spirit.  Soon, you will read and see on IG and FB @janeparksmith as well as deeper thoughts here at https://joiedejane.wordpress.com/ .  Plus, because #food is #medicine to me, much will be shared through IG: @eatscommunity as well. I truly hope my wilderness #journey, progression, growth, small, as well as milestone victories like this day’s serve to offer you more options than what I had been offered from the sick-care model of medicine prevalent today.

Thank you and may God bless you and keep you!