Because I was handmade. Because I was chosen to travel the wilderness. Because I am blessed to see the end of much as well as the victorious end of beginnings… I awaken to embrace just how thankful I am to be find an entire landscape of my life razed because a greater promise comes to be established upon a surer foundation within and around me.

Tearfully acknowledging there must be God-reasons so much of my life is starting again from ground zero… I am quickening in the realization that the most preeminent physician is presiding by my welcome and surrender. I am being intentionally broken in every physical and intangible place my Maker. I asked and wanted…and welcome more of this betterment process. Hurts everywhere but for better life later. So I give thanks for Resurrection more than ever as I continue to walk through humbling, resetting rehabilitation of my innermost being and physical one tooConsider how earthly doctors break to heal so that a ideal, proper human functionality can take hold and thrive by design. That has limits but THE I AM THAT I AM does not. In HIM, my potential is most capable of bearing full fruit. This excites and motivates me to see beyond the temporary to a profound, perfecting permanence. BEAUTY — BECAUSE BROKENNESS BRINGS LIGHT THROUGH.

I rejoice in this time of learning. I am blessed. I walk this way, never truly alone… unto greater promises through the pain which serves His purpose by my asking… BECAUSE I AM LOVED BY GOD. I am overwhelmed often in this meditative place before Him and burst forth into the unknown with JOY.

What a timely awakening for this RESURRECTION SUNDAY. Thank you ABBA YHWH for my YESHUA!

I am “princess.” LOL! …but, seriously…this is DAY 27

I am & am becoming who I have been created to be

While I was preparing my hot water with lemon and ginger, I suddenly got an itch to do this! …fridge fun!

As I am living the final days of my juicing journey, I have felt a surging return to my can-do perspective on life…that nothing is too hard, nothing impossible.  It’s a minor, yet profound shift founded on a deepening faith forged over the last month of trials and moments of decisive triumphs.  So, I felt unashamed in claiming these adjectives as descriptions of who I am, who I have been created to be…and knowing above all that the journey there is never-ending until the trumpets sound at the fullness of time.

The benefits of this month long fresh, enzymatically-alive-only-juice-fasting journey are inexplicable…but I will try to write down some tangible effects have noticed and enjoyed after the next few days.  Each morning, I am awakening early to have my quiet moments, journal-time, and convo with my Heavenly dad…and I am so refreshed and energized all day and feeling so free in my heart and body as I could have only imagined would happen when this all started. “I shall walk in liberty for I seek thy precepts”–that Psalm was a founding verse for me…and that promise has been kept many times over. There is so much freedom within me…a peace and strength I would not have known otherwise.  More on these reflections another time… it all just flowed there for a sec….

Back to that cool little photo with Korean gal magnet… she looks timid and reserved, but it’s because the power within her needs no grand gesture, nor further affirmation… she is centered, purposeful, at peace, and prepared for the days ahead.  The adjectives are as much an ownership as impetus to go deeper and become fuller in those areas.  As if I needed confirmation on this, my reading for this morning had this quote:

“I HAVE MARKED YOU FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW YOU ARE MINE… Grace will always follow you everywhere you go. Now you are needed, wanted, valuable, & indispensable.  You are marked by my love.  Everyone in heaven, earth, underneath it will know it.  Now your name will carry my honor.”–Letters from God.

Just another thought on quote–Relationship necessitates need…and I am not ashamed to say I need God… I need my husband, my family, and my friends…and I want to be as essential and giving to them as I will more richly enjoy what I receive from them.

I’ve had my lovely gingered hot water, my barley greens and greens juice this morning and I am packing up all my juices to go to see my dad in the hospital as he is having a hernia corrected today.   His body is getting well and fixed up for all the wondrous things that lie ahead for our family…the blessings and pleasures rained down from heaven.