1. Cancer Conqueror–an invitation to you.

Facing real life with thanksgiving.

I am a part of a growing majority in America and I write this now as a declaration of my inward, absolute assurance that I am also part of a fierce minority advocating for different mortality and quality of life outcomes in this growing majority of cancer fighters worldwide. And from a place of overcoming. I know in my innermost being that I am a cancer conqueror, not only for others, but in my own body wracked by much that gave rise to the oft dreaded “c” word. I leave it lower case with purpose. I invite you to track along the steps taken through which I have fumbled, fought well, and am finishing a great and longer-than-expected journey to proudly identify as more-than-a-conqueror… and in that, I am a cancer conqueror (and more.) Perhaps something in my all naturopathic healing process up until now (March 2019) may serve your path to your own triumphs. This is a journey for synergistic wholeness–digging deep in soul, mind, by spirit…to reclaim the body and lay hold of a new lifescape. Each of us walks our path unto healing–this is an invasively transparent taste of mine.

Find full posts at www.JOIEdeJANE.wordpress.com (https://joiedejane.wordpress.com/category/c-and-other-chronic-dis-ease/ ) as I will only share excerpts occasionally on my social media @janeparksmith on IG an FB.

At the date of writing this entry (1/9/2019,) I have several weeks ahead before another followup at non-U.S. cancer clinic that I chose to attend to completely complete the intensely private bout I took on with thyroid cancer using only naturopathic and holistic means led by my faith. The reason for my near-solitary battle instead of widely sharing the diagnosis and my choice of healing protocols? So much fear undergirds everything the “c” touches and that alone would undermine my intention to support my body in whatever way it needed to reverse the condition, restore order and balance, and refresh my life and seek restitution. So, I choose to quietly document my journey so that others may know healing is possible without the go-to methods of surgery, radiation, etc., My most detailed records may be shared through this series of posts. If all this can be helpful to another health seeker, the transparency is worthwhile.

In choosing to focus on the good and not the bad… my perspective that guided my steps aligned with circumstances too complex to explain fully. What was “for me” and “pro-health” in my estimation was not killing the cancer that my martial artist battle-minded inclination initially roared about, but the deeper, quieter knowing that if I support life and life abundant in light of God’s intended design for my body, my body (and my larger life) would come into submission to a greater beauty and vitality I was crafted to enjoy. Plus, I promised that if I ever had to fight cancer myself, I would do it naturally. I saw the horrific effects of others enduring chemo and radiation and I have walked my father through a modified whipple for his early pancreatic/ampullary cancer, but found relief when he chose recovery from this surgery by only nutritive means–rest, veggie juicing, supplements, and wholesome food. His doctor at City of Hope remarked that my dad’s healing from the surgery was remarkable in speed and reclamation of his new-normal life. I was so grateful. Witnessing this also affirmed that in my father’s triumphant recovery after getting about 1/3 of his insides removed, there is much to be said for our miraculously powerful healing bodies as well as letting food be thy medicine… but it required a drastic change of everything.

That is the bottom line when faced with a life-altering diagnosis — are you willing to do whatever it takes and change everything AND take responsibility for your life? No excuses?! Most will want to trust heavily on an attending physician or oncologiost or any medical professional available, but I believe trust must be placed painstakingly wisely while walking this mine-laden path of health circumspectly.

I am responsible for my own life and my body and I would decide what is best for me ...the life I would lead must be forever changed by the wake-up call the gift of cancer has given me. For a year before I decided to go to Mexico for paradigm-shifting healing acceleration, I took on “c” at home using every means I could rally. That included juicing, supplements, acupuncture, meditative breathing, dermo-electrical tests to assess imbalances and deficits to remedy in my body, letting go of guilt in sleep and rest, prayerful fasts, and a willingness to shine a confrontive light in the places I have allowed my lifestyle and childhood programming to deprioritize myself and thereby compromise who I am and what I co-created according to the life’s laws set in motion by my creator.

The fact that I manifested cancer, even though a major accident pre-disposed me 8 years prior to the discovery of papillary carcinoma, meant that there were beliefs, circumstances, choices, and concessions I made that upset the tender balance of life in me. And to be honest, my errors were rather egregious in retrospect. Our bodies are meticulously crafted to be mighty healing machines capable of withstanding and overcoming so much and maintain homeostatis, unless a longstanding chronic breach is allowed to remain or an event is so traumatic, our bodies needs more help. In this I knew that if I somehow allowed dis-ease to develop, I also had the power and resources by choice, spiritual election, and peaceable pursuit to reverse the tide and overcome the incursion of rogue cells asserting its place “c” would no longer have the right to claim.

Thank you for reading… What you can expect? Learn how a TBI ultimately gave rise to “c,” what worked to heal me deepest and most effectively, intimate notes on a 3-week complementary healing program that shifted my renewal into high-gear, and the best parts about focusing to let life win as I walk forward in healing, greater wisdom, and most grateful for grace.

Much love and all of God’s specific blessings to  you.