Mac Fatty cups… aka fat bombs for those in the Keto flow… These taste like a tropical vanilla white chocolate with macadamias…  unique taste for a fat bomb 😉


  • 1 cup coconut manna
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 Tablespoon Monkfruit/Erythritol powder (I used Lakanto)
  • dashes of Himalayan pink salt
  • 1/3 cup whole macadamia nuts (2 per little cup)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla beans
  • 1 Tablespoon MCT oil
  • Coarse salt and hemp seeds for sprinkling on top


  • 1- melt coconut manna in double boiler
  • 2-add all ingredients except coarse salt and hemp seeds and gently mix well
  • 3-pour into molds, add two macadamias to each, and sprinkle with salt and hemp seeds
  • 4-place in freezer for 20 minutes, devour one, and store rest in fridge.

love these little silicone molds!

Facing naked truths

Deeply grateful

Who else would know I needed this today?! Who else but a bestie who has walked with me the last decade of life with her eyes and heart wide open. This bestie dug in and quietly stood by me through so much, including health restorative challenges and even lovingly foresaw how fatigued on every front I would be whether or not I attained my goal at my recent #Hope4cancer followup visit. How am I so fortunate to be encompassed by such powerful compassion?!

While I am truly triumphant in subduing cancer my way and naturally, it has taken much more and much longer than my A-type personality initially predicted or preferred. So, I also am grateful for the humbling maturation and growth that I needed to allow to root before my freedom could nestle in.

I needed this time back in LA to rest, breathe, collect my thoughts and refocus in order to muster up my warring ways to next take down the root cause that made cancer find place in my wounded neuroendocrine systems. And on this front, I am assured the mountaintop draws near… and I look forward to emerging from the new morning mist as the jubilant Jane I was nicknamed in years past.

I learned that receiving love and tender gifts of thoughtfulness is a beautiful part of the circle of life. For me, it’s not adapt or die, but adapt to thrive!

Thank you for every dear one who has touched me with their faith, love, resources, and authentic humanity…letting me hurt and helping me up again to face down every foe. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I love you. Truly.

Giants before me

Paradise is not so much a place. It’s peace. Within. While cancer may have taken a knee, without knocking out the prevailing causes that allowed it to find a home in me, all that has been accomplished thus far and taking last week’s momentary breath to celebrate would all be for nothing. So before beginning the trek toward subduing the other giants of resistance before me, I get steady and ready.

Taking a depth of breath and taking time is so invaluable. Consider it a gift of glory set aside for those risking to seek for that oft elusive “more!” The rays of sunlight warming my face and body, the silken sand reminding me of all the wondrous steps I’ve been led on thus far, and the relentless cleansing waves of water to refresh me for what is ahead…I need this more often than I used to care to admit. I was too blinded, brainwashed to even fathom letting my belly grow big with oxygen rich air, let out that heavy groan, and cast the weights I let lay upon me too long. Earthing to let the planet surge renewing negative ions into me and spiritually cleanse every part of my essence with the water of the Word of God is a daily ritual I miss when away from this shore, but the delight that leads to the discipline of connecting to creation bears a rich ROI not only in Cancun, but wherever I go no matter what happens.

Without the mighty rushing wind to lift me again, the living waters of the promises of my God to reinstate a future of hope, and the faith that makes the impossible into reality, I would have remained the broken one barely able to stand, cast down by grave injustice, and lost to despair. But no. God had a different plan and better end for me. And He colabored with me to flow streams from the wasteland of my heart, soul, body, and life overall.

As I take account of all that I have grown through and have become assured that I shall overcome even greater than what fell before, I really miss this special place where grace wove a tapestry together, strengthening me with deeper stillness and power by His #love and #forgiveness. I needed to let so much go–sometimes over and over and over again until the hold on me was indeed gone. I stand unashamed because I have taken full responsibility for what’s mine to bear. I have realized that I let others in and devalue me repeatedly when I knew better and so stood up to draw the boundaries of my temple… I have realized that in letting hurts, injustice, disappointments, and rage go, I can let more of God’s pure love in to incubate and sow back into our beautiful world… I have realized that forgiving myself is a surely sweet, reliable way to enter in to my Heavenly Father’s enduring passion and enjoy an ethereal kiss between heaven and earth every time I choose. So, this pure love I choose freely. I choose to be free.

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Emotions like stress, fear, anger, regret and sadness, when held in the body, can affect the immune system — weakening the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Kelly Turner, researcher and author of the book Radical Remissions, found case after case of cancer survivors who learned to release the suppressed emotions of their past. With a renewed focus on joy, love and happiness, they saw healing from their cancers. “When we feel happy and loving, our physical bodies are flooded with cancer-fighting immune cells,” she says. “Our emotional lives are free of stress and worry, and our social and work relationships improve.” Turner identified nine key factors that appear to help heal cancer. In our own experience at Hope4Cancer, we’ve also witnessed these nine key factors at work in the healing process:
– Radically changing your diet
– Taking control of your health
– Following your intuition
– Using herbs and supplements
– Releasing suppressed emotions
– Increasing positive emotions
– Embracing social support
– Deepening your spiritual connection
– Having strong reasons for living

Notice that, of these factors, two-thirds have more to do with our minds and our spirits than our bodies. We simply cannot ignore the potential impact of spirituality in our body’s ability to heal itself.#Repost @hope4cancermexico

c. not me.

Bus ride after clinic visit. Fatigued, but affirmed.

cancer. (small c) Today I publicly share and declare, I am free of its grip.  Not by conventional means.  This photo taken after my latest round of tests this week, you can see my battle worn and wearied face, but head held high seeing the fruits of faith and steady, and radical long-term action. 

I tackled #cancer using holistic means led by my faith in #Christ and to prove out my own belief that our bodies are miraculous and made to heal if given all it needs to do so. It was a very solo fight for the first year.  Then I decided a larger community to support my progress and seal my expectations of wellness would be best, so I crossed the border to #Mexico. And now that I am certain my carcinoma is under control per my Hope4Cancer #doctor …and in my estimation, regressing if not already totally repentant leaving me with just scar tissue, I am free to take down the larger giants that I have always known was the root cause of many of the maladies that reared their heads in the last decade.  I’ll share more soon about what type, the at-home steps, and radical life changes that I had to make to deepen and advance healing.

Root cause resolution has always been my focus and now my next steps because my #gift of cancer caused others to also consider the electrical injury that brought confusion to my body functions.  Cancer and other chronic, metabolic and inflammatory oriented diseases are most often whole-body related and not simply contained in one body part.

With the hard lessons I’ve learned, I am #blessed to be maintaining a cancer-conquering-life in mind, body, soul, and especially Spirit.  Soon, you will read and see on IG and FB @janeparksmith as well as deeper thoughts here at .  Plus, because #food is #medicine to me, much will be shared through IG: @eatscommunity as well. I truly hope my wilderness #journey, progression, growth, small, as well as milestone victories like this day’s serve to offer you more options than what I had been offered from the sick-care model of medicine prevalent today.

Thank you and may God bless you and keep you!